Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics – Why ISVs are Partnering with Microsoft Dynamics

Are the costs and time to develop compelling business solutions holding your company back? Have you wondered if there is a better way to build business solutions? If your company could save up to 70 percent of their development time and therefore get to market faster, would that be of interest? If the answer to these questions is yes then consider attending a series of webinars focused on why you should consider building your next solution on a Microsoft Dynamics platform.

Over the course of a week our Microsoft Dynamics experts will take you through an overview of the Microsoft Dynamics message and will drill into two of our solutions, Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM. During these sessions you will gain insight into the capabilities these platforms offer out of the box as well as how they can be extended to meet you customer’s unique business needs. In addition to Microsoft presenters, you will also see independent software vendors who have developed applications on the Dynamics platform. They will talk about their real world experiences with the platform.

Microsoft Dynamics offers a way to empower your organization with the ability to react quicker to your clients’ needs and offer solutions built on a proven development platform. You owe it to your existing and future clients to watch this webinar and to learn how you can take advantage of Microsoft Dynamics.

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If increasing your developers’ productivity and time to market by building solutions on a Microsoft Dynamics development platform is something you would like to discuss now, please consider reaching out to the Microsoft ISV team now by emailing with your contact details and industry focus. We will have a Microsoft ISV specialist contact you to start you on the road to a faster and more streamlined time to market and above all work with you to become a successful Microsoft ISV Partner.


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