Stephen Elop Debates’s Founder on the Future of Cloud Computing in The Economist Magazine’s Live Online Debate

Watch Stephen Elop, President of Microsoft Business Division, engage in an online debate with Mark Benioff from on starting November 10 and continuing until November 18th. The topic is cloud computing and Stephen Elop will discuss Microsoft’s cloud strategy, outlining why a hybrid approach to the cloud, with the choices afforded by software plus services, is the best approach for businesses.

You can watch The Economist online debate as it’s in progress, or review the final results any time after November 18th.

The debate will be conducted via written statements (not live video) and is presented in Oxford style. The weeklong debate will include and opening (Nov. 10), rebuttal (Nov. 13) and closing statements (Nov. 18). It will be moderated by Economist reporter Ludwig Siegel. Throughout the debate, readers will participate by casting their votes, changing their votes and providing comments for the debaters and moderator. At the end, there will be a declared winner and a declared loser. The discussion promises to be both lively and informative and we hope you can participate.


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