FY10 Sales Slugger Program Announced

We are pleased to announce a Microsoft Dynamics US Partner Based new educational program designed to increase the sales skills of your organization! The Sales Slugger Program is an easy to use, on line program, which anyone looking to improve their sales skills can participate in.

We have developed a series of on-demand training courses that will help you increase your sales skills, and confidence to help you move prospects through the sales process!

This program is designed to allow you to spend 1 to 1.5 hours per week of online time watching Solution Selling overview courses that review each stage of the sales cycle. Along with the overview courses - we have created additional one hour on-demand web seminars to educate you on selling Microsoft specific solutions.

Additionally, we have created a resource that will provide you with the Top 5 Sales Tools for each stage of Microsoft Solution Selling.

Sales Slugger Program Signup
To sign up for this program – simply email wrdynpc@microsoft.com.

You will receive a weekly email which will include a short video introducing each week’s assignments, along with links to the entire curriculum.

Click here for more information.


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