The Partner Event – Day 3 Recap

The third day of The Partner Event 2009 brought some more excellent sessions from some very great presenters!

I attended 2 sessions in the morning and David Smith’s (general manager, Microsoft Dynamics US partner team) afternoon keynote. Here are some of the highlights…

  • Once again, Joe Rotella of Delphia Consulting provided some tactical tips on how to use Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook successfully. He also mentioned 5 reasons for partners to to use social media:  create name awareness, build brand, establish trust, drive sales, and improve client services.

  • Joe Mechlinski of EntreQuest gave a compacted version of his Quest for Yes training. Check out his company’s website for more information.

  • At lunch, my team’s own UnRuly Ladies entertained the crowd with a humorous skit. Visit our website’s Radio Show tab to learn more about these entertaining ladies!

  • Finally, the event wrapped up with David Smith’s keynote. David spent a lot of his time covering 3 key initiatives for FY10 and beyond:  focus partner investments, compete to win, and customer & partner satisfaction.

Overall, the event was well attended, and partners discovered new knowledge, new (and old) connections, and new energy as they focus on the Microsoft Dynamics solutions!


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