Your Toolbox for Projects Involving Microsoft Dynamics Solutions

Difficult jobs are always easier with the right tools. With specialized support from Microsoft, you can reduce risk and cost for Microsoft Dynamics projects.

In North America, Advanced Product Support Services is now part of Technical Advisory Services. As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network who used Advanced Product Support Services, you will continue to receive all the services you are accustomed to. Technical Advisory Services provides you with a one-stop shop of packaged services for analysis, assessment, evaluation, and review of Microsoft Dynamics solutions and other Microsoft technologies. Technical Advisory Services can assist you with:

  • Recommendations and best practices for Microsoft technologies.

  • Guidance for upgrades, migration, and deployments.

  • Consultative assistance through scheduled events and custom workshops.

  • Packaged proactive services for analysis, assessment, evaluation, and review.

  • Development advice and code samples.

Best of all, these resources may be included as part of your Microsoft Partner Network benefits, so you can start using them today!

Discover the Power of Technical Advisory Services and Start Benefiting Today!
Getting started with Technical Advisory Services is easy. Use your Microsoft Partner Network benefits to access the services and purchase additional hours when you need them. If you are enrolled in the Partner Advantage Plan or Partner Foundation Plan for Microsoft Dynamics, you will receive discounts that apply to Technical Advisory Services for Microsoft Dynamics solutions and other Microsoft technologies, such as Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Server.

Visit the Technical Advisory Services Web site to request service, start using your Microsoft Partner Network benefits, and take advantage of your Partner Service Plan discounts.


PS - On Monday and Tuesday I hope to provide some key tips live from The Partner Event conference taking place here in Fargo, ND.

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