Analyst Evidence Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics & PR Materials

The Microsoft Dynamics Analyst Evidence Kit contains third party evidence and other resources for you to use in your sales and marketing activities. Each month, where relevant, we will update you with additional analyst reports and fresh media quotes as coverage posts.

All content is ready for you to distribute broadly as part of your sales and marketing activities. The analyst reports come with links to the reports which can be forwarded to your customers & prospects. The quotes from analysts in recent news articles may be forwarded, used in presentations and copied into marketing materials. The pre-made media quotes contained in this kit and can be plugged into your presentations.

For Partners who have news to share and are interested in creating awareness, Microsoft has created Public Relations (PR) Win Release materials designed to help you promote customer wins through the news wire. What better way to create awareness of your expertise with Microsoft Dynamics than through a PR Win Release that highlights important quotes, wins and facts from customers who will experience key benefits within their industry. You can promote your win release with Microsoft or on your own with step by step guidelines which are included in our PR Win Release Kit. Generating awareness of new customer wins through PR Win Releases is a great vehicle to promote success and should be added to your overall marketing plan.


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