Microsoft Dynamics ISV Playbook

The Microsoft Dynamics ISV Playbook is intended as a resource for you to use as you explore becoming an independent software vendor (ISV) for Microsoft Dynamics. It is also intended as a roadmap for new ISVs as you begin your partnership with Microsoft Dynamics to help you understand the decision points you will encounter as you build your solution, certify it and market it throughout the Microsoft ecosystem. Lastly this document can be used as a resource if you are already a Microsoft Dynamics partner and are considering creating functionality to address vertical market needs.

How This Guide is Organized

The structure of the Microsoft Dynamics ISV Playbook follows our taxonomy for ISVs in that as a new Microsoft Dynamics ISV or existing partner considering developing functionality on a Microsoft Dynamics platform you need to Learn, Build, Test and Market your solution. Each section provides you with comprehensive sources that will help you along each stage as you develop your relationship with Microsoft.

  • Learn – Deals with the various subjects you will need to learn and understand as you work toward becoming a partner with Microsoft Dynamics. It also presents the models in which you can choose to engage with Microsoft as a partner in general and specifically with the Microsoft Dynamics competency and presents training you can take advantage of to accelerate your ramp up on Microsoft Dynamics.

  • Build – Provides guidance on the toolsets and architectural knowledge you need to build your solution as well as specific offerings from Microsoft and its partners to assist you with your development.

  • Test – Discusses the testing you can undertake to certify both your product and personnel on Microsoft Dynamics.

  • Market – While there are a large number of marketing programs available for Microsoft partners in general, this section highlights ones that are of specific interest to Microsoft Dynamics ISVs

How You Should Use this Guide

We hope you find this guide helpful as you begin your relationship as an ISV with Microsoft Dynamics. This document is intended as a companion to the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Playbook which all ISVs should familiarize themselves with and is referred to extensively throughout this playbook.

The ISV Playbook covers many facets of your interactions with Microsoft and the Microsoft Dynamics product line. Your engagement model, the application platform(s) you choose as well as the development model you select will influence which content in this document is most relevant to your organization. Where we best can, we’ve provided helpful delineation of the content for Reselling ISVs and Influencing ISVs.

For example, some partners may elect to resell the Microsoft Dynamics application along with their specific solution functionality that they have added using the Microsoft Dynamics toolset, extending the core functionality natively. For this ISV model, you should look for sections that are labeled as applicable to RESELLING ISVs. Likewise some ISV organizations may not be selling Microsoft Dynamics directly but instead provide your solution as a companion product that integrates. These ISVs would look for content specifically for NON RESELLING ISVs.


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