Microsoft Dynamics Ready-to-Go Campaigns go Vertical!

NOW LIVE! New and updated Microsoft Dynamics Through Partner Marketing Resources are now available to partners; including 8 new Ready-to-Go  Campaigns with content for 16 specific verticals; updated product campaigns; and a new centralized marketing page to help Dynamics partners easily navigate to relevant marketing resources. With this we are closer to providing ONE Through Partner Marketing experience for all US partners and providing relevant vertical content to Microsoft Dynamics Partners! Read on for details!

New - Marketing Home Page focused on resources to help Dynamics partners grow their business. This new page provides a consistent starting point for navigating through Dynamics partner sales and marketing content, creating less confusion over multiple sites/engines. The new Dynamics Sales and Marketing page will be accessible via the Left hand navigation of the US Partner Sales and Marketing page and from the Dynamics Product pages.

New - 8 RTG Vertical Campaigns - We have added 8 new Microsoft Dynamics Industry Ready-to-Go Campaigns, making a total of 10 Dynamics RTG’s available to partners! Within the new campaigns we provide targeted sales and marketing content that aligned to 8 different industries including materials focused on 16 industry-specific verticals. Highlights of the new campaigns include a higher degree of content customization in direct mail pieces, and enabling partners to differentiate themselves to customers via Pinpoint/ Solution Finder as part of the campaign.

Updated – 2 Dynamics Product Campaigns – both the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and GP campaigns were update in June with new content.  The updates included allowing partners to modify all the content within customizable pieces, including their own copy and creative graphics. We’re still providing strong messaging copy, great design templates, and the ability to add partner branding and information—but now partners have new flexibility that ensures the materials meet their unique needs!


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