Introducing the Microsoft Dynamics UnRuly Ladies!

Sometimes the REAL answer can’t be found on a URL. Sometimes you may need a little extra help navigating to the best resource to find an answer or resolution to your problems. If you have an UnResolved Logjam, ask the UnRuly Ladies -  they don’t take ‘no answer’ for an answer!  They are the URL that will get you what you need.

CurranCaricature5 If you periodically cannot find the right resources to help you market, sell, implement or suppo0729091656art Microsoft Dynamics, then the UnRuly Ladies are here to help! They'll help you sift through the clutter (i.e. -- does your office look this this?!?!), and get you off to a great start.

Have a question? Contact the UnRuly Ladies at

Meet the UnRuly Ladies for the first time or connect with them again during the August broadcast of the Invigoration Station Radio Show. These lively and somewhat humorous monthly broadcasts address timely topics and share proven tips for marketing, selling and servicing Microsoft Dynamics. There’s no PowerPoint to watch or URL’s to copy down…the only URL’s will be your hosts…the UnRuly Ladies!

Join the next broadcast on Wednesday, August 12 at 11:00am Pacific.



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