Business Leadership Training

I'm excited to announce a new series of web seminars to help partners take their business to the next level. 

The six-part Microsoft Dynamics Business Leadership Web Seminar Series will help you dive deep into your business planning and customer scenario strategies and define your next steps to put in place. This training equips partners with tools they can use to dramatically improve their profitability and grow their Microsoft Dynamics practice. This training is critical for Microsoft Dynamics partners, owners, and senior managers who have complete access to the executive planning for the organization.

Starting weekly April 14th through May 19th, this series will cover:

  • Opportunity Lost: The Downside of the Opportunist

  • Strategy: Configuring and Aligning Resources in a Undefeatable Way

  • Focus: The Intersection of Partner Business Model with Customer Scenarios and Market Opportunity

  • Driving Demand in a Focused Way

  • Managing a Sales Force in a Down Economy

  • Building the Optimum Delivery Practice

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