Where To Get Barcode Drivers

This is an installment of Barcode Scanning With Microsoft Dynamics Mobile series.

Barcode drivers are the most essential prerequisites for barcode scanning functionality on a particular device. Out of the box, Microsoft Dynamics Mobile supports two barcode enabled device manufacturers:  Motorola (formerly Symbol) and Intermec. To achieve any barcode related functionality you need to acquire appropriate barcode drivers. These are usually wrapped in some .NET Compact Framework assembly which is shipped as a part of a particular SDK of the given manufacturer. Third parties (in this case Microsoft) are not allowed to redistribute manufacturers’ drivers so you have to get them by your own. To make your life easier I prepared the following mini-tutorials describing where to download appropriate SDK and how to extract barcode driver out of them.

Please notice! The description below is very precise and all links are currently working (January 2009). However it can change as time goes by. Feel free to add your comment to the blog article, we will update the description.

Motorola (formerly Symbol): You need two assemblies called Symbol and Symbol.Barcode

  • Go to Motorola EMDK for .NET v2.0 (EMDK stands for Enterprise Mobility Developer Kit formerly known as SMDK - Symbol Mobility Developer Kit) and download EMDK-M-020005-Up2.zip.

  • Unzip and locate the following CAB file: symbol.all.arm.cab (typically in .\SDK\Smart Devices\wce500\armv4i folder).

  • Install the CAB file on any Windows Mobile device or emulator, and locate Symbol.dll and Symbol.Barcode.dll on that device under \Windows

  • Copy Symbol.dll and Symbol.Barcode.dll to your PC for future use.

Intermec: You need one assembly called Intermec.DataCollection.CF2 a

  • Notice that you must be a registered user to be able to perform any download from the Intermec web site. If you are not, go to the Intermec downloads login page, click on the “create a new account” link, provide all required information and click on the “Register” button.

  • Having your Intermec account you can download the Intermec Development Toolkit. You must enter your Intermec account credentials and go through a short wizard to reach the download link.

  • Install the toolkit (00002344_IDLDCRK_Setup.exe).

  • Locate Intermec.DataCollection.CF2.dll assembly under the following path: %PROGRAMFILES%\Intermec\Developer Library\Dot NET Assemblies\CF 2.0

  • Copy Intermec.DataCollection.CF2.dll to your PC for future use.

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