Check Out the New Performance White Paper for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010!

Check out the new white paper titled “Optimizing and Maintaining Performance for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010”!  Review the recommendations to ensure your system is running at peak performance! The purpose of this white paper is to complement, rather than replace, existing resources that are specific to optimizing and maintaining the components of a Microsoft Dynamics…

Reports and Forms Updates with Service Packs, Hotfixes, and Compliance Updates

As many of you already know, it is payroll year end update time. In addition to everything else that goes along with this, I want to remind you that it IS necessary to upgrade the modified forms and reports for the Microsoft Dynamics GP Product following the database update process.  Please review the below steps…

Frequently Asked Questions about the ‘Reconcile to GL’ Routine in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Many of the support cases for the Reconcile to GL Routine are spent educating the customer on the intended purpose and how to use it.  Here are some of the commonly asked questions that I’ve seen, so I hope this information will be helpful to you.  Q1: Is the Reconcile to GL spreadsheet a true reconciliation? A1: The…

Microsoft Dynamics GP Year End Release 2011 – Canadian Payroll Year End Close

It’s December and the Canadian Payroll Year end is almost upon us.  Here are some helpful hints to make your year end go as smoothly as possible. In a nutshell here are the necessary steps for closing your year:   1. Complete all the pay runs for the current year. 2. Complete any necessary 2011 payroll reports….

Microsoft Dynamics GP Year End Release 2011 – Analytical Accounting Year End Close

Closing the GL year when using Analytical Accounting (AA) is seamless.  This blog should give you an idea of what should happen when closing GL with Analytical Accounting.   Analytical Accounting is integrated with the GL closing process.  What this means is when you close your GL year, the AA data will move from the…


Microsoft Dynamics GP Year End Release 2011 – Fixed Assets Year End Close

Let’s get ready to close the Fixed Assets year!  This blog should give you an idea of what the process does, and when you should complete it.  Good luck! When you close the year in Fixed Assets, you have to do it for each book you have setup.  All books must be closed before you…


Microsoft Dynamics GP Year End Release 2011 – Inventory Control Year End Close

Below you will find some tips to help ensure that your Inventory Control Year End Close process goes smoothly for you! When should the Inventory Control Year-end close be done? 1. The Inventory module should be closed at the end of your fiscal year, before any new transactions that would affect inventory quantities are posted….