Performance issue with the Received/Not Invoiced report in Purchase Order Processing

Have you ever had a situation where you have been running the “Received/Not Invoiced Report” in Purchase Order Processing and performance has significantly declined.

If this has happened to you try moving all Closed and Cancelled POs to history.  Many times running that process alone improves performance drastically.  The report is going through the data in the POP10500 and determining which POs have not been invoiced.  Every document is looked at regardless of the status.   We can drastically improve performance by moving the Closed and Cancelled POs (that wouldn’t show on the report anyway) to history.



Move Closed and Cancelled POs to history therefore clearing up some unneeded searches.

 1.  Check the setup in the ‘Purchase Order Processing Setup’ window (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Purchasing >> Purchase Order Processing) and verify the checkboxes are marked to Maintaining history.

 2.  Move Closed and Cancelled Purchase orders to history by navigating to the ‘Remove Completed Purchase Orders window’ (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Routines >> Purchasing >> Remove Completed Purchase Orders)

Note:  Select a Document Date range to move the older documents to history if you want most current POs to stay in the open tables. 

Note:  After running this process you will still be able to access your historical purchase orders.  When in the inquiry windows select to include "Historical Purchase Orders'.

 3. Re-run the report.


Thanks for reading!

Angela Ebensteiner | Techical Lead | Microsoft Dynamics GP

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