Preparing for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Microsoft Dynamics GP

With the upcoming release of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or 'Denali' many of you are looking ahead to upgrading your SQL Server.  In preparation for that upgrade you'll want to take into account which Microsoft Dynamics GP application and versions will be compatible with this new release.
For this purpose we've just published a Hot Topic on CustomerSource and PartnerSource for your reference.



This Hot Topic describes which Microsoft Dynamics GP applications will be compatible with SQL Server 2012 and what service pack or patch version you will need to be on to work with the new release of SQL Server.

Keep an eye on the blogs in the coming weeks as we go further in-depth on the new features in SQL Server 2012!


Comments (4)

  1. James Gunn says:

    Typo on line 1 – 'SQL Server 2010'?

  2. Upcoming Release of SQL Server 2010? says:

    Why does this article refer to an upcoming release of Microsoft SQL Server 2010? Don't you mean SQL Server 2012?

  3. Papy Normand says:


    I am sorry but SQL Server 2010 does not exist , for SQL Server , the last valid years are 2000,2005,2008,2008 R2 and 2012 ( like you wrote in the title of this article )

  4. Lucas Miller says:

    Thanks for catching that typo.  I've corrected it to avoid further confusion.

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