Microsoft Dynamics GP Year End Release 2011 – Canadian Payroll Year End Close

It's December and the Canadian Payroll Year end is almost upon us.  Here are some helpful hints to make your year end go as smoothly as possible.

In a nutshell here are the necessary steps for closing your year:


1. Complete all the pay runs for the current year.
2. Complete any necessary 2011 payroll reports.
3. Make a backup of the data.
4. Install the 2011 Canadian Payroll Year-End Update.
5. Complete the "Year End File Reset" process.
6. Make a backup of the data.
7. Create the T4, T4A, and RL-1 statements, and print the T4, T4A,
and RL1 reports.
8. Edit the T4, T4A, and RL-1 records as necessary.
9. Create T4, T4A, and RL-1 Summary records.
10. Print the T4, T4A, RL-1 reports and create T4, T4A and RL-1 XML
files, if appropriate.
11. Verify that pay periods for 2012 are set correctly.


 Items to be aware of:

1. When you do the year end close it moves all of your current year data into the Last Year (LY) tables and it doesn't take the date into consideration.  For this reason it is very important that you complete all 2011 payrolls (step 1) and then complete at least through the year end file reset (step 5)  before doing any 2012 payrolls.

2. It is vital to do your install before the Year End Reset (steps 4 and 5) because you are prompted during the Year End Reset to update Basic Personal Amounts.  If you miss this you will need to restore from backup.

3. When you do the year end file reset it changes the Basic Personal Amounts for employees.  Depending on the Province it will either add a fixed amount or increase the amount by an indexation factor as determined by the Provincial Authority. Check the Year End PDF to see what changes have been made.

4. The 2011 Quebec Software number is not yet available but when it is issued you can find it on the Year End Release pages found in the Resources below. 

5. Changes to Box 22 and 24!  Starting with the 2011 taxation year, we are required to fill out box 24 (EI insurable earnings) and 26 (CPP pensionable earnings) on the T4 slip. We cannot leave it blank even if the amount is the same as box 14 (employment income). This is a new requirement from CRA.

6. Be sure to make backups when indicated in the complete steps



861806 Year-end closing procedures for the Canadian Payroll module in Microsoft Dynamics GP;EN-US;861806


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Assistance for Canadian Payroll Year End Close
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****New for the 2011 year, there is a Year-End Video!!!!****
Check it out....SO COOL!


Be sure to check back to the Year-End Schedule post for current posted blogs and upcoming blog posts related to Year-End Closing for Dynamics GP.


 Jake Laux



Comments (2)

  1. David Musgrave says:

    See the following post for a list of all the related Year End articles:…/2011-us-payroll-year-end-updates-for-gp-10-and-gp-2010-are-now-available.aspx

  2. bbucher says:

    Hi Jake,

    Our payroll master was trying to run yesterday the RL-1 report for 2011 to distribute to all the employees, but was faced with an access denial to the report P_CPY_SETP_R1_Amended_Laser_New… As I have deployed the SDT on every GP client in our company, it was easy to capture the system security error and start to investigate.

    It came out that the apply of the Year-End Tax update for the Canadian Payroll has completely missed to add any entries in the GP security… This resource (and several other reports from the CPY module) are not covered by any security TASKS in GP. Wondering why it was working in the past years, I remembered that until 2011, several users from our finance department were assigned as POWERUSER roles in GP, thus never having to worry about resource security… but that changed eventually for most of the users after I did a complete security revision on GP in 2009 and only  a few users where left with PU roles (and the PR master was one of them).

    I was able to fix the issue by adding the report (and a few others) to a custom security TASK that I had created in GP for other HR users, but still was very surprised to find out that the Canadian Payroll module does not come with any predefined security TASKS or ROLES in GP2010 R2.

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