How will Microsoft Dynamics GP handle the 2012 Electronic Requirement for Child Support Garnishments?

You can do this today if you have the product Payroll Extensions installed or on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 install it is called Human Resources and Payroll Suite.

In this product there is an add-on for Payroll called Payroll Integration to Payables (PIP).  Once you set this up (very easy and free to all payroll customers) then you can link a deduction or benefit to a vendor.
Once you post payroll, the vendor record will be updated with this amount automatically.  You can link a vendor company-wide or employee specific.  You can also link up taxes too, really COOL!

If your company is not using PIP, you should check it out, the product will save your company time and money, now who would not want that?

Attached is documentation too!





Comments (3)

  1. Philip says:

    Terry, are there any plans to include identifying information in such a way that it will print on the checks? A garnishment case number for example?  We have clients that have multiple garnishments for the same agency from different employees and right now it all just gets lumped together and not described very well on the check so they have to include an Excel sheet with a money breakdown.

    Hi Philip, thanks for the question.  Are you talking about Payables and when the information is sent over there?  Yes, we are looking at that for the next release, GP 12, where you can choose from different options of items to print in the memo of the payables check.  Thanks!

  2. Constance says:

    This does not create an ACH file with the necessary format to submit to state agencies. Does Microsoft intend to provide this functionality in the future so customers don't have to buy Greenshades?

  3. Hi Constance, what you can do in this case is link the deduction to payables and you can send an electronic file through payables, it is updated automatically when payroll is posted.  Try it out.  Thanks!

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