Documentation for the Word Templates feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Support has come to the conclusion that the documentation on the Word Template feature for Dynamics GP 2010 is not easy to locate. In order to help with this need, I have listed out the locations where you can obtain documentation on the Word Template functionality.

Report Writer Manual

  • This manual is located in the Documentation folder that is contained in the Dynamics GP 2010 Install directory. This is the main documentation on Word Templates.
  • Common path for Report Writer Manual are listed below.
    64 bit Environments - C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2010\Documentation
    32 bit Environments - C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2010\Documentation
  • The information on Word Template feature starts in Part 9 of the pdf document.

Help within Dynamics GP 2010

  •  Click the Help icon  in the top left of the application window, click Index which will open the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Help window. Type Word Templates in the keyword field. Select the sub category you want to review and click the Display button.

Help from an active window in Dynamics GP 2010

  • Navigate to the window you need assistance with in Dynamics GP 2010 (ex. Report Template Maintenance).
  • Click the Help icon  or press the F1 key to open Help specific to the active window.
  • Use the links in the Related Items section to view additional information.


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