Dynamics Solution Sales Guides Available for Partners

Dear Partners,

If you are not aware we recently released new Solution Sales Guides. You’ll find the 8 industry sales guides/discovery questionnaires within their applicable industry campaign pages: Automotive Suppliers, Banking, Chemical Manufacturing, Industrial Distribution, Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, Professional Services (ERP), Professional Services (CRM), and Specialty Retail. If you scroll to the bottom of each of the visual campaign pages, and you’ll find the sales tools links there.

Link on PS to guides: Solution Guides

Through-Partner Industry Marketing Campaigns

The following through-partner Microsoft Dynamics Industry Marketing Campaigns are designed for partners to:

*       Leverage the power of the Microsoft Dynamics brand

*       Meet the unique needs of potential clients in a specific industry or vertical marketplace

*       Align your marketing efforts with global customer campaigns, and

*       Execute effective lead-generation results with relative ease

The campaign components are purposefully designed in a modular fashion, enabling you to craft the appropriate campaign execution plan to meet your specific lead-generation goals, timeline, and budget.

Easy-to-Use and Modular
The campaign components have been purposefully designed in an easy-to-use and modular fashion, allowing you to mix and match the components, and to put together a unique campaign that meets your company’s needs. Components may include a postcard, direct mail, telesales activity, executive event invitation, or an offer to download or receive a third party white paper. Also included are web components to help you deliver a cost-effective digital marketing campaign for your company.

To get started, simply click on the desired industry/vertical marketing campaign for CRM or ERP, then reference the comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics Industry Campaign Execution Guide, which provides insights and helpful tips to craft your modular marketing campaign, including information on the campaign components and how to work with the design templates. This guide provides valuable information so you can prepare yourself and your team to execute an effective marketing campaign.

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