Product Strategy Toolbox

About the Product Strategy Toolbox:

View the Product Strategy Toolbox for information about Microsoft's product strategy for business applications. This toolbox contains Statements of Direction, partner and customer Q&A's and product release timeline information designed to inform partners and customers about this product strategy.

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The goal of the Product Strategy Toolbox is to:

Ø  Secure our existing business by directing the focus of our channel partners to the business at hand

Ø  Generate enthusiasm about the product enhancements and plans for our business applications over the next several years

Ø  Empower you to communicate confidently and intelligently to prospects and customers about the product offering today and the roadmap for the future

You will find information regarding the following:

Ø  Microsoft Dynamics Strategy Overview and FAQ

Ø  All Microsoft Dynamics Solutions Lead to the Future

Ø  Microsoft Dynamics “Last Mile of Productivity” White Paper

Ø  Microsoft Dynamics RoleTailored Business Productivity: “Software Designed For Your People” White Paper


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