Dynamics GP Information Worker Differencing Disk Now Available!

Download the New Dynamics GP Information Worker Differencing Disk, Installation Directions and FAQ:


Link to Dynamics GP 10.0 Information Worker VPC Differencing Disk

*Please remove "2nd" from each of the four downloaded files so it will extract properly (see example below).  This error will be fixed shortly on the download site so this step will not be needed in the future.

Microsoft Dynamics GPIW 10 Technical.part012nd.exe – change to GPIW 10 Technical Demonstration Diff.part01.exe


The Microsoft Dynamics GPIW (v10) Virtual PC Differencing Disk works in conjunction with the ‘Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 Technical Demonstration Toolkit’ “base” Virtual PC Image and contains technology and powerful demo enhancements on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) and Windows SharePoint Service (WSS) to the base Microsoft Dynamics GP v10 image.

  • New Demo Showcase-based Intranet Portal and demos
  • Technical SDK’s for Dynamics GP and MOSS and WSS
  • Examples of InfoPath and Dynamics GP Web Service with Workflow

  • HR On boarding
  • Simple Expense InfoPath form and workflow that creates an AP Invoice in Dynamics GP
  • Mobile (PPC) forms for AR Invoice and Expense create with Workflow ending with documents in Dynamics GP

  • Microsoft SharePoint Designer and Business Data Catalog Application Definition Editor tool from the MOSS SDK.
  • Dynamics GP Workflow SDK and examples Visual Studio 2005 Samples
  • Enhanced BI and SRS reports in MOSS Reports Library
  • Enhancements to performance and tuning for image
  • Improved cross person visualization and flow of MBS personas

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