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Demo2Win is one of the best classes I have ever attended that focused on delivering quality software presentations.  If you demo 1 or 100 times a year this class is for you. These classes are heavily subsidized.  So be sure to secure your seat today before they sell out. 

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The goal of the Demo2WIN!® workshop is simple: deliver a practical, proven set of skills, tools and procedures that both beginners and veterans can immediately put to use to improve their demo-to-win ratio.

The workshop focuses on the presentation elements of a Microsoft Dynamics software demonstration and is integrated with the Microsoft Solution Selling Process.  Microsoft Partners learn numerous techniques for effectively engaging their audience, showing business processes to different personality types and delivering benefits.  After modeling how a demonstration should be given, students are given an opportunity to practice what they learned.  Throughout the workshop, video examples of Microsoft Dynamics demos are used that highlight the techniques being learned as well as the most common mistakes (Demo Crimes) committed by software demonstrators.

The workshop includes a number of small group exercises which provide each attendee an opportunity to 1) practice the skills they are learning and 2) apply them to a live deal they are working on or a case study that is provided with the workshop.  At the end of each exercise attendees are selected at random to provide a short demonstration that leverages the results of each exercise.

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