Install guidance for the CRM Online Outlook Plug-In for CRM Online 2011

Setup method #1 §  Download the Outlook plug in from within your CRM Online subscription website.   (If you don’t see the option to “download the Outlook Client” available in a yellow bar of your browser move to setup method #2 below.) o   This will look at what version of OS and Office you are running…


White Paper: Outlook Synchronization in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Great white paper developed by the CRM E2 team.  Outlook synchronization enables Outlook users to view Dynamics CRM information, including contacts, tasks, phone calls, letters, faxes, appointments, and e-mails, within the Outlook interface. This document describes the client synchronization process that is associated with Update Rollup 7 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 or later (for…


Installing the CRM Online Outlook Client via SMS

The purpose of this post is to provide some guidance and resources for creating a SMS-based installation routine for the CRM Outlook client. First and foremost, make sure you are downloading the CRM Outlook client that is specific to CRM Online.  The link is:  Next, review the CRM Implementation Guide sections on deploying the…


Synchronizing CRM Contacts I DO NOT own to my Outlook

I was challenged with this task back in the 3.0 days.  It is great that CRM automatically syncs my CRM contacts to Outlook.  “What happens when multiple users have the same Outlook contact and try to track in CRM?”  Well if the Contact has already been tracked in CRM, the second user will receive a…


Synchronizing and the Offline Client

One of the great features provided by Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is the ability to take the application offline (i.e. work on a plane).  This capability is made possible by our S+S (software+services) vision of leveraging the best of services (CRM Online) coupled with the best of software (Outlook).  This is not possible in a…


Achieving Single Sign On with CRM Online

My company uses Active Directory for Authentication but CRM Online uses Windows Live ID.  How can I have single sign on if there are 2 different logins.  The answer is quite simple.  Load the CRM Online Outlook client and during the configuration process select the checkbox to save your Windows Live ID username and password….