Optimizing Performance for CRM Online 2011

CRM 2011 Online was released January 17th, 2011.  The new release delivers a number of new features and has changed the way much of the application data is displayed.  In some cases, the new user interface customization capabilities can lead to an increase in the time it takes to load screens while the data is…


CRM Online Client Side Agent – Twitter Agent

  One of the advantages of cloud based computing is that you don’t have to manage the hardware and software of the system. Unfortunately , a disadvantage is that you don’t have complete access to the server. In the blog, I’ll describe what I call a client side agent (csa). A CSA allows  you to…


Cross Entity Search Application

Searching across entities is a great feature. I built a web application that integrates with CRM Online to do this. You can enter a phone number, a last name, an account name , or opportunity topic and the application searches for the results. It will give you a list of return items. The edit button…


CRM Sample Data – Product Fix

Have you imported the CRM Sample Data (YES, it works with CRM Online) and tried to add products to an opportunity?  Nothing there!  You look and see the products have been imported but notice the warning: There are 295 products added as a part of the sample data.  You cannot set the default price list…


Auto-unsubscribe in CRM Online

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM there is a feature to automatically set the Do Not Email flag for a contact if the click on an Unsubscribe link in a CRM generated email.  In order to enable this functionality, navigate to Settings > Administration > System Settings.  Click on the Marketing tab and select Yes for the…


Fetch It Part 2

In the first blog on using Fetch XML, I introduced a tool that I had created that would allow you to execute Fetch XML statements to retrieve CRM data. In this blog, I want to discuss some of the inner workings to executing Fetch XML statements to retrieve more than a single page of records….


Adding Hierarchical State / Country Picklists

I recently had the need to add hierarchical state and country picklists to a custom entity.  I had configured these fields in another entity and moved them to my new entity following the process in my previous post.  I should point out that global picklists are potentially going to be included in CRM v5.  Global…


Copying Attributes from one Entity to Another

NOTE:  THIS IS AN UNSUPPORTED MEANS OF CUSTOMIZING THE ENTITY.  I WILL INVESTIGATE A SUPPORTED SCENARIO AND MODIFY THIS POST. I have been asked many times, “If I customize this entity can I simply copy the attributes to another entity or do I need to create them from scratch?”.  The answer has been “No, there…


CRM Online Custom Built Dashboards

Building Custom dashboards for Dynamics CRM Online is not as complex of an effort that it’s reputation has gotten. It does require some developer skills and this blog will be a great launching pad for you to build your own. Here’s a screen shot of a dashboard I built using Visual Studio.net and a free…


Updated Server to Server Authentication Documentation

NOTE:  The information presented below is NOT in the SDK currently available for download or online.  This update was posted on the Microsoft CRM Development Forum on April 7th. The following updated information applies to version 4.0.8 of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK.  Sample Code   Sample: SDK\Walkthroughs\Authentication   With respect to the Microsoft Dynamics…