Do you have time to be more productive?

If you’re a salesperson like me, you get a number of email newsletters, webcast invites, etc. all about the business of being a more productive salesperson.  Create more leads!  Close more deals!  Forecast better! And if you’re like me, you scan these announcements, think “Yep, I sure would like to close more deals!” and move…


CRM 2011 Industry Templates Solutions

Many organizations may view CRM 2011 and notice that their business does not fit into CRM 2011 how it is out of the box.  We understand that this may be a challenge during your time of evaluation of CRM 2011, but o make it easier for our customers Microsoft has created some industry templates to import…


Q2 2012 R8 Preview: "CRM Anywhere" Video

There are some exciting new features coming down the road for CRM 2011 in the upcoming release.  Preview some upcoming features in Q2 “R8” such as mobility, BI and Analytics enhancements from Reuben Krippner a MSFT Technical Product Management Lead in this video.  Click the link below to start the video.   Q2 2012 R8 Preview: CRM Anywhere (42:05)