For CRM Online Partners: Introducing CRM Online Customer Lifecycle Communications

Hi Partners!  The text below is an modified excerpt from an email sent recently regarding some new resources posted on PartnerSource to help new CRM Online customers get started with all the right tools and guidance from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team.

“To help our customers achieve success with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, we are introducing a new series of lifecycle communications to new subscribers of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, direct from Microsoft. These email-based communications will help our customers get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online by providing targeted assistance throughout the term of their subscription.

The emails include information for both CRM administrators and their users, such as links to getting started resources, using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with Microsoft Office Outlook, the benefits of joining the Microsoft Dynamics Community and exploring advanced features.


On PartnerSource, find everything you need to know about these lifecycle communications, including downloads of sample communications.”



Comments (2)

  1. Carmen says:

    Hi Laura, Maybe You can help me.

    I have a possible client for CRM on line, but, He wants to migrate about 400 GB of storage, you know of any add-on that lets you save data in storage azure or you can give me another solutions


  2. Patander says:

    Carmen, there are a few ways to accomplish this.  SharePoint has potentially the most functionlity, givinig you "check in / check out" functionality for collaborating on documents, search, and several other features.  See the blog about SharePoint in this site.


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