CRM 2011 Data Import Wizard: Importing Related Accounts and Contacts

If you’re new to CRM 2011 you may have imported a sample set of your organization’s data, only to run into the following gray areas: 1. When importing Accounts, how do you map and populate the Primary Contact lookup? 2. When importing Contacts, how do you map and populate the Parent Customer lookup? The Primary…


Customer FAQs

Newly documented in the Resource Center you can find a the list of customer FAQs, covering topics like “Can I access Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online from my mobile phone?” (answer: yes) and “How do I use Excel to edit records?”  Skill level ranges from average-Joe user to developer looking to build custom reports. Enjoy!


For CRM Online Partners: Introducing CRM Online Customer Lifecycle Communications

Hi Partners!  The text below is an modified excerpt from an email sent recently regarding some new resources posted on PartnerSource to help new CRM Online customers get started with all the right tools and guidance from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team. “To help our customers achieve success with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, we are…