Microsoft Dynamics CRM Q4 2011 Service Update – "Ask the Experts" Webcasts

Attend one of the upcoming sessions to learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Q4 2011 Service Update!  We are offering 2 sessions for this.  Session Agenda for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Q4 2011 Service Update – “Ask the Experts” webcast will include: • Presentation and Q&A via chat with Microsoft team.  Team members can include Sales,…

Video: Connector for Microsoft Dynamics AX

  Ray Schloss did a great job with this PartnerSource/CustomerSource posted video. The video gives a look at the features and mechanics of the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics AX, demonstrates the ease of transferring data between Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM, and outlines value messaging regarding the Connector. Discover how combining relational data from Dynamics CRM/xRM…

CRM Online Activity Feeds

The latest R7 release for CRM  2011 was deployed on Oct. 25th, 2011.  One of the features available from this release is Activity Feeds.   The new feature will allow you to start building your internal Social CRM which can help increase user collaboration and communication.  If you are in existing CRM Online customer or created a trial instance prior to the release date,…


Dynamics CRM webcasts

Be sure to check the new “Ask the Experts” webcasts coming to Session format will include a presentation and Q&A via Chat with Microsoft team.  Team will include resources from various groups including: Sales, Support and Product Team. Next session for “Ask the Experts” session will cover:  new features in Update Rollup 5.


The Connector for Microsoft Dynamics ERP – Features & Functions

Combining relational and transactional data in a meaningful way has long been one of the most daunting challenges companies face in providing relevant data to their users and customers alike. Now the Dynamics CRM Connector for AX, NAV and GP is opening new doors for combing relational and transactional information in a simple, effective way….


Three CRM Online Special Offers You Can’t Ignore

Hello out there.  Usually our blog posts are not so salesy, so forgive us but we have some really great offers to tell you about to help you get started faster with CRM Online.  You can’t ignore this kind of money on the table.  These offers start this week.  Here are the offer summaries with…


CRM 2011 User Guide

Here is the official User Guide from Microsoft for Dynamics CRM 2011.


CRM 2011 Online Test Drive Guide

The CRM 2011 Online Test Drive Guide is a high level guided tour of the application to try and help you get the most out of your 30-day trial experience.   This guide will take you through key steps in a methodology that leads to a successful experience which starts from initial setup, to using Microsoft…


CRM Stickiness–Increase User Adoption with Images

Taking a cue from Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer – which is a book that I’ve barely begun but has already sparked some ah-ha moments – it occurred to me how much easier it is to remember images rather than words.  While words can do wonders to illustrate a point, images stick with us.  It’s…

CRM 2011 Data Import Wizard: Importing Related Accounts and Contacts

If you’re new to CRM 2011 you may have imported a sample set of your organization’s data, only to run into the following gray areas: 1. When importing Accounts, how do you map and populate the Primary Contact lookup? 2. When importing Contacts, how do you map and populate the Parent Customer lookup? The Primary…