CRM Online for Outlook Client Update

An update to the CRM Online Client for Outlook was released on Monday.  You or your users may receive the following notification.


You can also click Start > All Programs > Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 > Update to receive this prompt.

Administrative rights on your PC are required to install this update.

While optional, this update addresses several issues:

  • Addresses for synced Outlook Contacts do not match between the web and the outlook client views.
  • Task reminders are not disabled in Outlook when an activity is completed.
  • A warning message to add Server URL and local host to the trusted sites appears whenever opening CRM client in a security locked down environment.
  • Emails with oversized attachments generate a "server might be unavailable" error when tracked in CRM from the Outlook client.
  • You are constantly prompted in Outlook to login to the CRM Online Client even after specifying you do not want to sign-in by clicking cancel.
  • Auto Update checks to see that a user is in the admin group prior to starting the installation of the CRM Outlook Client - and only proceeds with the install if that is true.
  • CRM Appointments were not being deleted from the Outlook calendar if changes were made in the web client and then synchronized.
  • When trying to track an e-mail while offline, you receive an error that says "not implemented".

The new Outlook Client version following the update will display as 4.4.9230.729.


Comments (1)

  1. George says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Can you advise on how to install the update without having local admin rights? In my organization users can't install any programs, and it's quite a pain to do it manually



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