Import Customizations to Leads, Accounts, Contacts

When importing customizations you may encounter an error: The attribute map is invalid.


To fix this error and move on with your import:

  • Look at the following attributes in Lead, Account and Contact:
    • address1_line1
    • address1_line2
    • address1_line3
    • address2_line1
    • address2_line2
    • address2_line3
  • In your source attributes for Leads, the field size may not match the field size in your targets Account and Contact: nvarchar (200) versus nvarchar (50)
  • Modify either your source or your target attributes so the field sizes all match
  • You may need to re-do the mapping in the 1:N Relationship for Lead:Account and Lead:Contact
  • Publish changes, and import customizations again.

Comments (1)

  1. markginnebaugh says:

    This makes sense, but I am still having a problem.  I can’t import Accounts, Contacts, or Leads.  The difference I see is for the field "Description".  In my on-premise system (which I am trying to move to hosted), the attribute "Maximum Length" is set to 5000 characters.

    In the hosted (MicrosoftOnline) system I am trying to move to, there isn’t an attribute for Description called "Maximum Length".

    Does anyone have an opinion on whether this is the source of my customization import failure, and what to do about it?


    Mark Ginnebaugh

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