Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Delivers March 2009 Service Update

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Delivers the March 2009 Service Update.

Financially backed 99.9 percent uptime service level agreement - Applies in the event of the service level agreement not being met for unplanned outages or system outages. Planned outages and scheduled maintenance times are not covered, nor are downtime of individual features or outages outside of the Microsoft-controlled infrastructure and network.

Internet lead capture - Enable Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers to drive qualified leads into the sales pipeline. Wizard-generated landing pages enable marketing and sales professionals to quickly and easily create custom Web landing pages for large-scale marketing campaigns or localized sales representative campaigns, all without IT support.


Cloud integration services - Provide customers and partners with security-enhanced authentication to integrate and develop on-premises or on-demand applications that work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Authentication

Walkthrough: Server-to-Server Authentication with CRM Online

WindowsLiveIdTicketAcquirer Helper Code

From within the SDK:

SDK\Server\Helpers\CS | VB\CrmOnlineAuth



Quick-start - Improved usability by giving new users a set of new tools to help increase user adoption and familiarization.


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  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Delivers the March 2009 Service Update . Financially backed 99.9 percent

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