CRM 4.0 Accelerators for CRM Online: Event Management

The Event Management accelerator gives organizations the ability to manage the planning, execution, tracking and reporting requirements for event campaigns.  Designed for CRM 4.0 On-Premise, the installation includes customizations, workflows, plug-ins, reports, code and controls. Although this is an On-Premise accelerator, there are some parts that can be applied to CRM Online, in particular the…


Want to demo your Windows Mobile device on your PC?

Download the Windows Mobile Developer Power Tools and perform the following manual steps*: Install Windows Mobile Developer Power Toys. Copy C:\Program Files\Windows Mobile Developer Power Toys\ActiveSync_Remote_Display\devices\wce400\armv4t\cerdisp2.exe and C:\Program Files\Windows Mobile Developer Power Toys\ActiveSync_Remote_Display\devices\wce400\armv4t\KillProc.exe to \Windows on the mobile device. Run ActiveSync Remote Display on the PC and click OK to the error. Choose Yes when…


Calculate total activity duration for an Account, Contact or Opportunity

With workflow you can easily calculate the total duration of all completed activities rolled up to a main record such as an Account, Contact or Opportunity.  This functionality is built into the service module, but for organizations that track number of hours spent on activities prior to service management (for example, consultants who bill hours…


Convergence 2009 (3/10/09 – 3/13/09 | New Orleans, LA)

Registration link WHY ATTEND CONVERGENCE Convergence is the premier Microsoft Dynamics event, bringing customers, partners, team members and industry experts together to discuss ways your current Microsoft Dynamics solution can help your company cut costs, improve operational efficiencies, increase employee productivity and maximize your current platform investments, which, in turn, can foster long-term, profitable growth….


Configuring Instant Messaging within CRM Online

For those of you who didn’t know, CRM Online can be configured to work with Instant Messaging (Office Communicator, MSN Messenger, or Live Messenger).  Specifically with Office Communicator, you can show presence for a particular user within CRM Online. Below are the specific steps to enable this… Things to note: *Ensure you have put…


CRM Accelerators for CRM Online: Extended Sales Forecasting

The Extended Sales Forecasting Accelerator for CRM contains two main components to import: 1) a customization .xml file including custom entities, security roles and workflows, and 2) two custom report .rdl files to import.  CRM Online does not allow users to import the custom .rdl files, but everything else can be imported to enable better…


Calculate Opportunity Age with Jscript

Ever wonder how old that opportunity it is. Here’s some script that will display a the age of an opportunity when you open it. Make sure you put the createdon attribute on the form somewhere( admin tab seems the place). Put the script in the OnLoad   var createdon= crmForm.all.createdon.DataValue; var today = new Date();…


Get a 30 day free trial of Microsoft CRM Online Pro and 10% off on the regular monthly subscription rate

The MasterCard® Easy Savings Program is a convenient savings program for MasterCard BusinessCard credit and signature debit cardholders. Through an alliance with Microsoft, Easy Savings members enjoy rebates on small business solutions purchased from Microsoft with your MasterCard Business credit and/or signature debit card. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online delivers small businesses a fast, flexible and…