Lessons learned from a Partner when upgrading Connector for Microsoft Dynamics MSDI database

The MSDI database that Connector for Microsoft Dynamics uses for storing information about integrations is intended to be used ONLY for Connector for Microsoft Dynamics.  Recently I was working with a partner who was experiencing some issues when upgrading to the latest version of Connector for Microsoft Dynamics.  The partner was receiving error messages similar to the…


Moving the MSDI database to a new Microsoft SQL Server instance

When Connector for Microsoft Dynamics (version 3.x) is installed a database master key is created (for encryption of passwords saved with adapter settings) using a random password. The downside of using a random password is the owner of the database will be unable to back up the master key allowing the key to be restored…


Relive Convergence 2013 Content on Connector —Online!

If you attended Convergence and are looking for refreshers on the Connector content, be sure to check out “Convergence 2013 – Online!” From this site, you’ll e able to view content from Convergence breakout sessions, keynotes, general sessions, concurrents and deep dives sessions. The  ‘My Convergence’ site will be available for 12 months following the…


Price list plugin for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

In the GP Connector for Microsoft Dynamics Rollup 1 (, pricing integrations were optimized for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and no longer support automatic updates for pricing information from Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0. If you are integrating with Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 and you have never previously integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you must manually…


Dynamics Integration security role Create permissions

Recently a few customers have discovered that the Dynamics Integration security role the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics solutions create when they are imported in to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, has Business Unit create privileges for the majority of the entities in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.  As we see here for the Order, Invoice and Quote…


Connector for Microsoft Dynamics Live Training Announced!

The original content for this post appears here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/dynpartnercommunity/archive/2012/03/09/connector-for-microsoft-dynamics-workshops-april-10-11-2012.aspx As our partner readiness team explains, here is a great opportunity to boost your skills and knowledge of the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics. This is a one-day course, but we are giving you the option of two dates to attend in April at the Microsoft Technology…


Configuring Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 for use with Connector for Microsoft Dynamics

This video will walk you through the process of installing and configuring the prerequisites for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 to be ready to work with Connector for Microsoft Dynamics  https://youtu.be/-EqpPXcZ78M  [View:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EqpPXcZ78M&feature=youtu.be] Key take aways from this video include: The process for installing GP web services The process for configuring GP web services Enabling the GP adapter user…


Considerations for designing a single Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization to multiple Microsoft Dynamics ERP Companies integration

The latest release of Connector for Microsoft Dynamics supports integrating multiple Microsoft Dynamics ERP companies into a single Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization. Connector supports these scenarios if an instance of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM entity can tell Connector which company in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP it needs to be sent to. When this occurs, Connector…


Searching for a given record within the Connector’s Log

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you needed to find a particular record in the exception log so that you could stop or restart that record’s retries, but found it extremely difficult to search for that record?  Here is one mechanism that will help with your searching efforts: Enable the “Key” column…


Best practices on Connector implementation – Directly from a Microsoft Dynamics partner

David Meharg, Senior Manager of Consulting at Armanino McKenna, a Microsoft Dynamics partner in California, has been implementing Connector for Microsoft Dynamics for his customers. He’s using Connector to help them integrate their Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions. David took the time to share with us his “best practices” for Connector implementations….