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The download links have been moved from a list to this page:

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  1. Steeve Gauvreau says:

    Why do I have to be associate to a Customer or a PArtner in order to download the Dynamics Connector for GP?

    1. thehetz says:

      The EULA for Connector for Microsoft Dynamics requires that you integrate with one of the supported Dynamics products and have a license to use / sell one of them. So since you must be integrating with one of those products and have a license to use or sell one of those products, that means you have access to Customer source.

  2. Hello,
    I’ve been trying to download the latest Connector version (V3 CU 4 – 3.4.304.1) via PartnerSource since yesterday, using Internet Explorer with ActiveX enabled and the ActiveX prompted was installed successfully, but the download never starts. Any active alternative links?
    Kind Regards,

    1. thehetz says:

      If you are an internal Microsoft employee there is a special SG tat you need to be added to. i can no longer do tat for you. If you are external, I would suggest contacting support as they can get you the download as well.

  3. Arun Mehta says:

    Hi, i tried downloading v3.4.304.1 but it downloads the older version 3.0.. not sure what the issue is as v3.0 supports only CRM 2011

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