Instance Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now on GitHub as open source

Today the Instance Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM was published on GitHub as a public open source project using the MIT license.  The current release listed there is a pre-release version for folks to test out and start contributing to if they would like to.  The wiki on the GitHub site has the installation and configuration steps for the instance adapter listed as well.

The current version has not been changed from the previous version that was available last year.

It should be noted that this adapter IS NOT supported by Microsoft support.  This is a community-based project and as such, it is supported via the developer community at the above GiHub site.


Comments (3)

  1. Eugene says:

    Hi! Can you explain how to use it?

  2. thehetz says:

    @Eugene – the instructions are on the wiki at the GitHub site.

  3. Markus Otte says:

    There is a limitation in CRM with neg. Values in manualdiscountamount. You can actually work around if you use the AbsoluteValue() function:

    AbsoluteValue(Sum(Product(Sales LineItemLine Disc, Sales LineItemSales Qty), Product(Product(Subtract(Sales LineItemSales Price, Sales LineItemLine Disc), Divide(Sales LineItemLine Percent, 100)), Sales LineItemSales Qty)))

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