Endless Options for Connector for Microsoft Dynamics

If you are looking for references on Connector for Microsoft Dynamics from other Microsoft Dynamics partners, this posting is for you!

On Monday, May 27th a nice write up appeared on the ERP Software Blog regarding Connector for Microsoft Dynamics.  The post can be read here.

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  1. John Maselli says:

    I was at convergence and saw a demonstration of connector that allowed you to use it from one sql db to another. I installed the connector Nav to CRM but can not find the options to do this ? Is there a different product I was looking at or another type of configuration? Any advice will be appreciated.

  2. thehetz says:

    @John – I think you may have been looking at a different product.  Connector for Microsoft Dynamics will allow you to do this but not with it's out of the box functionality.  You will need to create a new SQL adapter using the SDK for Connector and then use that adapter to interact with your databases and the Connector mapping experience in order to support this scenario.

  3. We are a MS partner trying to trying to configure a custom adapter to a different ERP. I have been trying to resolve a question about keys. We are challenged with a system that does not use guid's as a primary key on entities. So the problem is we need to define different keys (fields) from the source to compare with CRM attributes for a match. Does anyone know how to match on different keys other than the primary key of the CRM entity? We thought there might be a function that allows various source fields to then lookup the CRM destination PK (ID) but it maybe a case of developing our own function. Can anyone assist?

  4. thehetz says:

    @WhiteyAtWork – the dynamics_integrationkey attribute that gets created on CRM entities that are integrated can be used for this as long as you can ensure that the field from the source system that you map the Integration Key field to is unique in its own way.  This is how the GP integration works today, since GP does not use GUIDs for it's keys either but rather string values.

  5. Thanks for your response as that helps a lot. Sorry to ask more questions but can you use more than one dynamics_integrationkey on an entity for a match criteria? And is there any documentation on the dynamics_integrationkey or other key matching. After much reverse engineering we have come to the conclusion say on an Account entity the "Account ID" is used as the key matching. Is this correct?

  6. thehetz says:

    @WhiteyAtWork – You might want to post these questions in the Dynamics CRM Community so everyone in the community has a chance to offer their solutions as well.  You cannot have two attributes for the standard CRM adapter to match on, if you create your own Dynamics CRM adapter that would be perfectly fine since your adapter and its associated object providers control all CRUD operations in the source / destination systems.  Unfortunately we don't have a ton of documentation around the key matching at this point, but after our next release we are planning on beefing up the "customization" area of our SDK and User documentation.

    As far as the "accounted" goes, if you supply a value into the Dynamics CRM adapter for the primary attribute on an entity, that adapter will look up based on that attribute.  If you do not supply the primary attribute the CRM adapter will attempt to look up by dynamics_integrationkey.

    Thank you for your questions and please post any more in the Dynamics CRM community, so that the rest of the Dynamics CRM community can help out as well.

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