New Connector for Microsoft Dynamics release available

The Connector for Microsoft Dynamics Team is pleased to announce the latest release of Connector for Microsoft Dynamics! This release ensures that your Microsoft Dynamics ERP deployment will have the choice to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 on-premises or Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 in any deployment. This release also resolves some of the key issues that you might be facing with your Feature Pack 6 deployments.

This release can be downloaded for the respective ERP by going to PartnerSource:

Don’t have access to Partner Source but would like to know more? Check out the User Guide for the corresponding ERP which will begin your installation preparation. I know, I know; reading documentation can be an arduous task. But you know what they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So read the provided documentation and avoid the common pitfalls and save yourself the support call.

In an up coming post, we will detail the new features included in this release, but here is the feature list at a high level.

  • Source level filtering (ability to limit the integrated records retrieved from the source based on user defined criteria)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 adapter - this adapter now supports Internet Facing Deployment / claims-based authorization / SSL / Office 365 CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 adapter (supports Contacts and Customers)
  • Splitting of documentation into install and deployment and ERP specific customization documents
  • Changing the EULA to allow for integrations to and from a single microsoft Dynamics product (previous versions required that two Microsoft Dynamics products were being integrated using Connector for Microsoft Dynamics)
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  1. Thanks a lot! Will wait for features details


  2. Matt G says:

    Thanks, looking forward to the new release.

  3. Torsten Steinruud says:


    Why would I want a connector, the CRM module within AX is a good one and has all the functionality I need (at least in AX 2009)?

    Best regards


  4. Jasmina M says:

    I installed the new connector (for CRM-NAV)and created new integration (using  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Adapter). When activating NAV Customer Card to Account map, all records fail with this error:

    "[NAV Customer Card to Account] has encountered an error while processing key [{05E51D17-2810-4BD3-9A5A-BCA6E8E19AB0}Customer: <Customer No>]. Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

    Maps prior to this one ran without problem (Enumerated Values, Currency, UoM, Salespeople).

    (CRM is a new installation and there are no Account records in CRM at this point)

    Only thing that was modified in the NAV Customer  Card to Account field was mapping function for the Currency Code field ( it was set to =If(EqualTo(CurrencyDynamics Integration Key, "USD"), "", CurrencyDynamics Integration Key) )

    I did not have problems with standard maps in previous versions of Connector.

    Please help!

  5. thehetz says:

    @Jasmina M – there is a hotfix for NAV that is required for FP 6 and for this newest release that deals with currency.  Have you applied hotfix 2597312?

  6. I was looking for the Support-forum for the Dynamics Connector, but I can't find it. Could you point me to it? Thanks.

  7. thehetz says:

    There currently is no dedicated support forum for Connector.  Most Connector users are simply using their ERP's support forum.

  8. Jasmina says:

    Hi thehetz

    I applied the currency hotfix (…/2597312) prior to enabling the Connector in NAV , configuring adapters and creating integration. Also, I did not modified the NAV Customer Card to Account map as I stated earlier, the modification was actually done for Account to NAV Customer Card map (which I did not activate yet).

  9. thehetz says:

    @Jasmina M – I would suggest that you might want to contact support about this.  I am also curious why you created a new integration?  The only reason for the using the new CRM 2011 adapter (and therfore creating a new integration) would be if your current CRM deployment was changed to one that was not previously supported.  I am planning on doing a blog post soon about the various upgrade reasons.

    What happens when you cahnge the modified map back to the shipping version?

  10. Jasmina says:

    Hi thehetz,

    We are using the Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 because this is completely new integration (new installation of the Connector and integration of CRM and NAV organizations that have not been previously integrated with older versions of Connector). Instructions said to use the adapter for CRM 2011, rather than the Adapter for CRM (in case of first installation of the Connector). We also plan to configure CRM to be Internet Facing in the future.

    After changing modified map back to the original version, error is still the same. I have one question – do all integrated ERP System users have to be associated with a CRM user? I have less CRM users then ERP System users right now, and I didn't think that would matter.

    Thanks for your responses,


  11. thehetz says:

    All of the integrated ERP system users do NOT need to be associated to CRM users.  

    Do you have any currencies in NAV that have invalid ISO codes?

    Can you share the entire contents of the error dialog?

  12. Jasmina says:

    Error message is the same for all Customer records (with exception of GUID and customer no.):

    Map: NAV Customer Card to Account

    Severity: Warn

    Text: [NAV Customer Card to Account] has encountered an error while processing key [{D9244B50-D2D0-4EB6-89D6-FA0AE1F377DC}Customer: CUS-00010]. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    Error Code: Microsoft.Dynamics.Integration.Adapters.Crm2011::0x80004003

    Item Key: {D9244B50-D2D0-4EB6-89D6-FA0AE1F377DC}Customer: CUS-00010

    Retries: 6

    Our Currency table in NAV is blank, we only use USD.

    Thank you,


  13. thehetz says:

    Assuming that you have run the CRM 2011 adapter's configuration utility and that it succeeded, I am unfortunately going to have to refer you to support.  They will most likely have you turn on the more advanced tracing capability in the system.  This will output a log file that will give them much more detail on what is going on in the system.  I do think that this issue can be solved with just a little bit more information and our excellent support folks will be able to get that for sure.

  14. Jasmina says:

    Yes, we ran configuration utility couple times, that did not help. I tried looking at the trace log file as well but I was not able to tell much more from it myself. We submitted a support request and we are hoping support will be able to tell us more.



  15. Chris G says:

    Is there any way to update maps that used the CRM4 web services to use CRM 2011 web services instead?

  16. thehetz says:

    @Chris G – Not directly, map upgrade is a feature that we are actively evaluating at this time.  It should be noted, that the only reason to upgrade an existing integration to use the new endpoint would be in order to support a previously unsupported CRM deployment.  For example, if the organization is moving to an IFD deployment.  If you do need to move to a different CRM deployment, you will need to register the new adapter, run the CRM 2011 configuration utility, create a new integration from the ERP to CRM 2011 template, and then update the new maps to contain the same customizations that the previous maps did – if there are any.  This process is outlined in the user guide as well and I will be posting a video blog entry here as well on this topic in the coming weeks.

  17. Hey thehetz,

    Is there any place where I can report bugs/issues?



  18. thehetz says:

    If you are looking for a place to log feature suggestions, that can be done on the Connector Connect Site:…/Connector

    If you think that you have uncovered a bug or have an issue to report, I would suggest contacting support first to see if there is a KB that you might have not been able to find. And if there isn't one then support will certainly get the issues logged.

  19. Phead says:

    The source level filtering?  Would this work for a situation where I have multiple business units in CRM and multiple companies in GP and I want only accounts from a specific business unit to be synchronized with specific GP companies?

  20. thehetz says:

    @Phead – yes the filtering will work to support that type of integration however there are a number or issues / concerns that go along with implementing that type of integration.  Please be on the look out for a white paper or series of blog posts on this site that will detail the key concerns with theis type of integration and how to use the filtering mechanism to accomplish this solution.

  21. Hi

    Do you any idea when there is a whitepaper concerning integrations between multiple ERP companies against different business units in CRM ??

    We have a solution that is quite urgent and would like to know what issues there are and how to handle them.

  22. thehetz says:

    @JackDS – unfortunately no, I do not know when this paper will be completed.  We are targeting by the end of the first half of this year, but that is not set in stone at this point.  We fully understand that this is a high priority for several of our Custmers and Partners and we are balancing this effort with getting another service release built and shipped.  Thank you for your understanding.  If you contact me directly, I can provide you with some high level details.

  23. Leonardo Monteiro says:

    Any information about the possibility of integration of new entities?

    It works fine with "supported entities", but we need to integrate a plenty of new customized entities.


  24. thehetz says:

    @Leonardo Monteiro, you can definately integrate custom entities to and from CRM and also from AX 2012 and NAV.  please see this blog entry for more details as well as the sser guides:…/i-ve-customized-my-dynamics-system-can-i-still-use-connector.aspx

  25. How says:

    Hi thehetz

    We can't wait that long to find a solution and the alternative is Scribe but would like to use this connector.

    How can I contact you directly to get some high level details on what to be aware of when trying to connect 3 companies to 1 org.

    You can mail me directly on


  26. Denni says:

    And … The Connector Connect Site link below renders a Page Not Found …

  27. Sandy Westman says:

    Please be aware that for Dynamics GP, source level filtering does not truly limit the records retrieved from the source, at least for GP 10.  The Connector retrieves ALL records from the GP web service and then it filters out the ones that don't meet the criteria. In my case that means that it retrieves 800,000 records and attempts to integrate 53.  

  28. thehetz says:

    @Sandy – This is correct for all integrations.  The filtering is implemented in the Connector transform engine itself, which means that is does not limit the number of records returned from the source system – that query uses last modified date time just as it always has.  The filter then prevents records from being sent into the destination system that do not meet the filtering criteria.  As you point out, this implementation does not prevent large records sets from being retrieved from the source system – but it does enable filtering for all maps.  Which would include any maps that are for custom entities in Dynamics CRM or in the ERPs or to / from other third party systems that have had an adapter created for them.

  29. Hi

    I have now made a connection between 2 AX 2012 companies and one org. in CRM with more business units and it seems to work with filtering on business units.

    Though updates on customers in AX doesn't seem to trigger the connector and no changes are transfered to CRM, the log is empty.

    If I create a new record in AX it is created in CRM, but changes don't get triggered.

    What could be the problem, it's the same in both AX companies ?

  30. thehetz says:

    @JackDS – are the LastModifiedDates in the AX tables getting updated properly?  And are those dates greater than or equaly to the date set for the "Check for data modified after" in the map's schedule?

  31. Mary says:

    How I can integrate custom fields Nav Dynamics CRM Connector through? if not displayed on the map to a source field at the time of mapping

  32. thehetz says:

    @Mary – you'll need to run the configuration utility for the NAV adapter to expose the custom fields that you have in NAV.  THis process is outlined in the user guide and on the NAV MSDN site, both of which can be oufnd in the related links section of this blog.

  33. Atum says:

    Thanks, I can't wait for the release 🙂…/microsoft-dynamics-crm

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