Getting Technical Support for Connector

Now that many of you are using Connector for Microsoft Dynamics, there may be times when you have some questions or run into an issue and two and need some help.

What do you do?

You have a few options, spanning from informal methods like online communities to more formal options, such as contacting technical support at Microsoft.

Microsoft Dynamics Community pages – these pages are dedicated to providing you with searchable information on various Dynamics products. Some of you are already posting messages about Connector in the online forums. Our team, along with the Dynamics Support team, regularly reviews these sites and answers questions.  You can also try searching this site if you encounter an issue and see if someone else has already discussed it.

Microsoft Knowledge Base entries – search the Microsoft knowledge base to see if the Dynamics Support team has already posted information on the issue you’re having

Contact a support professional -- For technical support questions, contact your partner or, if enrolled in a support plan directly with Microsoft, you can enter a new support request to Microsoft Dynamics® Technical Support from Customer Source or Partner Source under Support >> New Support Request. Contact the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team for issues with the installation or use of the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics. Contact the Microsoft Dynamics ERP Team for issues regarding the installation of Dynamics GP, Dynamics AX or Dynamics NAV related to a Connector implementation

You can also contact Microsoft Dynamics® Technical Support by phone using these links for country specific phone numbers.

Getting support for Connector Software Development Kit

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics Software Developer Kit (SDK) is provided with support from Microsoft. Technical support is restricted to Adapters created for Microsoft Dynamics products only. Any Adapters created to work with other non-Dynamics applications aren’t supported. You can use the same email and phone resources noted above to get Connector SDK support.

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