Announcing Dynamics 365 for Operations – Warehousing

We’re very happy to announce that Dynamics 365 for Operations – Warehousing has been made available on Windows Store and Google Play store. This app empowers warehouse workers in your organization to complete tasks in a warehouse by using mobile devices. It enables material handling, receiving, picking, putting, cycle counting, and production processes with your Dynamics 365 for Operations subscription.

The Dynamics 365 for Operations – Warehousing app includes the following features to boost productivity:

  • A tailored interface designed for fast warehouse scanning
  • Supports over 40 different warehouse processes
  • Custom built on-screen numeric keypad for you to hit numbers easily
  • A simple calculator for you to enter and calculate quantities in a breeze
  • Possibility to adjust font size and width of input fields on any device

This blog post will take you through the prerequisites, how to navigate the app, and the options to configure the app in Dynamics 365 for Operations.


The app is available on Android and Windows operating systems. To use this app, you must have one of the following supported operating systems installed on your devices. You must also have one of the following supported versions of Dynamics 365 for Operations.

Use the information in the following table to evaluate if your hardware and software environment is ready to support the installation.

Platform Version
Android 4.4, 5.0, 6.0
Windows (UWP) Windows 10 (all versions)
Dynamics 365 for Operations Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations version 1611


Microsoft Dynamics Dynamics AX version 7.0/7.0.1 and Microsoft Dynamics AX platform update 2 with hotfix KB 3210014

Install the app

The app is available for download here:

For detailed steps on how to install and configure the app, refer to this tutorial: Install and configure Dynamics 365 for Operations – Warehousing

Navigating the app

The app comes with a new user experience. In this section I will go through and show different pieces and elements that we have changed in the UI.

Log-in screen and menu

Once the app is installed and configured to connect to a Dynamics 365 for Operations instance, you will be presented with a log-in screen. Sign in with the User ID and password of the warehouse worker. Learn how to manage warehouse workers with this tutorial: Manage warehouse workers.

In the below image you can see the log-in experience, as well as the menu structure and navigation.


Task and details page

For our most common flows that follow the same pattern of scanning input fields, we have changed the UI to split all information into two pages, the task or details page. In the task page, the information shown will be the main input field, three rows of additional information, and a previously scanned value. Sometimes there’s more information to any given screen than what can fit in three rows, and therefore we made the Details page, which will contain all overflowing information and input fields, as well as product picture in case that exists for the item. You can control in what order you want information to be prioritized to be shown on the Task page, this is done from the Warehouse app field priorities page in Dynamics 365 for Operations. This will be explained a bit further down in this blog post.


Numeric keypad

The app comes with a custom numeric keypad, specially designed with rugged environments in mind. It has large buttons that are easy to touch, and a nifty calculator for those occasions where quantities needs to be converted on the fly.


Alternatively, we have added a stepper for quantity input fields, where you can deduct or add to the quantity field without using the numeric keypad. This can be useful when it is not a high amount, and just a quick change is needed.


Multiple input fields

If there’s multiple input fields in any given screen with values not seen before, the app will recognize this and display a different UI. If there is 3 or less input fields, a carousel will be shown, which will allow the warehouse worker to quickly switch between input fields, without leaving the task page.


If there’s more than 3 input fields filled out and not seen before, a multi-input page with all input fields shown in a list will be displayed. The example below is during a movement of goods, where an existing license plate is scanned for movement, where the app receives information on what item, quantity, unit etc. that is on the license plate. It will then display that content with multiple input fields on the Task page, in order to enable the warehouse worker to quickly review, and move forward to the next step.


Action pane

As you might have noticed from the previous pictures, there’s not any buttons displayed on any of the screens except for the green OK button. We have deliberately moved all other buttons to an action pane, that is accessible from the hamburger menu in the top right corner.


Settings in Dynamics 365 for Operations

There are two new pages added in Dynamics 365 for Operations:

  • Warehouse management > SetupMobile deviceWarehouse app field names
  • Warehouse management > SetupMobile deviceWarehouse app field priorities

I will explain below the use of these pages, and how they relate to the app.

Configure warehouse app field names

In Operations you can configure how metadata should be shown on a warehouse mobile device on the Warehouse app field names page.

In a new environment or company, you can select Create default setup to generate all field names that exist in any of the warehouse mobile device workflows, and assign them a default preferred input mode and input type.

Once you’ve generated a list of field names, the following options are available:

  • Preferred input mode – This option defines whether a scanning field or a manual entry input field should be shown for the selected field name. This is useful to distinguish fields depending on if barcodes are used for the field or not. Note: Field names with preferred input mode set to Scanning can still enter information manually in case the barcode is unreadable or damaged.
  • Input type – This option defines what input type should be used for the selected field name. Four options are available:
    • Selection – The selection list is used for field names that contain a list of options to choose from. This option is not editable, and can only be change through extension.
    • Date – Field names specified as date will show a date format with the label, to help warehouse workers know which format to enter the date in. This option is not editable, and can only be changed through extension.
    • Alpha – If Alpha is selected, the device keyboard will be used when entering information manually in the app. The keyboard experience can change depending on the device used.
    • Numeric – For field names that you know will use numeric input only, you can select this option to display a custom numeric keypad with the input field instead of the device keyboard.


Configure warehouse app field priority

In the Warehouse app field priority page, it is possible to put field names into different priority groups. This makes it possible to decide what information should be promoted to the main task page when warehouse workers are performing work using the app.

If you click Create default setup, a default set of priority groups will be generated. It is possible to create as many priority groups as needed, but only three priority groups will be shown on the task page of the app at any given time.

When Operations is sending out metadata to the app, it will give each field a relative priority depending on its priority group, and the app will display the first three priority groups contained in the metadata on the task page of the app. The rest of the overflowing metadata will be presented on a secondary details page.



This blog post has provided a brief overview of Dynamics 365 for Operations – Warehousing. As always, we would appreciate any feedback you may have. We hope you enjoy using the app.

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  1. Faisal Fareed says:

    Excellent post…very useful and to the point

  2. Very useful post. Thanks for sharing

  3. Evert Bos says:

    Very impressive. Love the calculator.

  4. Rob Sherriff says:

    Excellent post…looks very good

  5. Is there a roadmap for IOS too? Any update on that?

    1. Hi Prashant. Currently there are no release plans for iOS. Depending on the feedback we receive we might reconsider. Do you have any case where iOS actually is considered in a warehouse? Or are you asking for demonstration purposes only?

      1. Markus, thanks for your response. We definitely have a case for IOS considered in warehouse. One of our clients uses Ipods in their warehouse, they are very inclined of trying out adv.warehouse management module of Ax, having this app will be very helpful.

  6. Thanks Markus for this post.

    At one of the client site (scheduled for go live on D365 later this year) their proposal was to use the emulator (WMDP) for warehouse operations. This is due to the budget constraints now as they are happy to invest in Wi-Fi and handhelds in the next year.

    With the introduction of the new warehouse app
    a) is my understanding correct that they will need to implement Wi-Fi and also invest in handhelds now? (as emulator will not be available for them when they go-live in Oct 2017)
    b) is there an option to download this warehouse app on a PC and run as an alternate to the emulator?

    Any other thoughts/suggestions?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Arvind. They could definitely go with the option to install the app on their PC’s.

      1. Valentinas says:

        so what will happen with current Warehouse Mobile Device Portal?
        We invested a lot extending the solution.
        Thank you

      2. Valentinas says:

        the other question:
        will it be customizable same way as current Warehouse Mobile Portal?
        It is very handy now, using X++, CSS and JavaScript.
        We created multiple solutions on top of that. Will we be able to move them to the new platform?

        1. Hi Valentinas,

          WMDP will sooner or later be decommissioned. You can still use X++ to extend and customize the warehouse flows with the app. The process is the same as with WMDP with regards to X++ code. It is not possible however to customize the app with CSS or JavaScript. If you have any specific cases where you run into issues, please contact me at, and I will try to help out.

  7. Anil Choubey says:

    Fantastic. It was needed.

  8. Anton Borysov says:

    Hello Markus!
    Thanks for sharing. Connected android app to our Dynamics database and can process warehouse operations on my phone.
    Do you know if there are plans to use phone camera to scan barcodes instead of manual entry?

    1. Hi Anton, yes it is on our backlog to enable using the camera to scan barcodes.

  9. Facundo says:

    It looks excellent!
    I have a question, Can this app be used in offline mode?

    1. Hi Facundo, the app does not have offline capabilities. However, the current state of a warehouse worker is saved in Operations, so if you lose WiFi connection you are able to resume where you were as soon as get a connection again.

  10. larsenl says:

    I can connect to my D365O and login fine in USMF, but all the menu only have “Back” available. The app was working to begin with but not anymore??

    1. Hi Lars, have you ensured you have any menu items in your menu? Maybe this wiki article can help you out to get started:

  11. jcuolahan says:

    What is the process now for multi companies? Can the Warehousing app work with different warehouse company/user logins? As the old original WH Mobile Device portal required multiple instances.

    1. You configure the app on each device, where you are able to select which company in Operations you should use. For each company you can set up any number of warehouse worker IDs that can be used with any device configured to connect to that company.

      1. vs says:

        can we associate a worker / user to more than 1 company? like the base product does

        1. Yes, all you need to do is create the user in the other company as well.

  12. nasir riaz says:

    HI Markus, thanks for a wonderful blog!
    Can you please advise what type of license (enterprise/team member) we need for warehouse worker? Thanks.

    1. Hi Nazir, please reach out to our sales team for licensing questions.

  13. vs says:

    I do not see the wareshouse app filed names in the VM .. any reason?

    1. Are you not seeing the form at all? In that case, does your VM run any of the supported versions?

  14. Matthieu Rousselle says:

    How can we change the language in the app?

    1. Hi Matthieu,

      When the app is connected to Dynamics 365 for Operations, the menus and language of the flows remains the same as with WMDP, it is controlled by the Operations user linked to the warehouse Worker ID. For the app in demo mode when not connected to Dynamics 365 for Operations, we will soon release an update with additional languages.

  15. Troy Hardister says:

    Is there an emulator that can be installed on Windows 7 OS? The RF Mobile market doesn’t have Android vehicle mount computers at this time and VERY limited Windows 10 vehicle mount computer options. Is this addition in the road map for any legacy support given that the hardware meets application resource requirements.


    1. John Mawbey says:

      We have used Surface pros with a USB scanner without the keyboard on forklifts and they work well.

    2. Hi Troy,

      Tablets and PCs are actually the devices were we see most support for Android or Windows 10. Any PC you have with Windows 7 will be possible to upgrade to Windows 10. There is no possibility for us to release this application on any legacy operating systems such as Windows 7 or Windows CE.

  16. John Mawbey says:

    Is there a way to use this with AX 2012 R3 CU12? Are there any plans in the future for this capability? Thanks!

    1. Hi John,

      It is not on our current roadmap to release this application to Dynamics AX 2012 R3.

  17. pramod singh says:

    Excellent article with sound underlying historical reference!

  18. Hi Markus,
    The purchase put away mobile menu item when set to “System directed” queues up work but the screens overlap after one work is completed before moving to the next work. Also, the app shuts off abruptly. The second work is stuck on the user (work status shows “In progress”). The user is required to re-login upon completion of each work. Tested this both on android hand held device and desktop version and have the same results unfortunately. Is this a known challenge? Is a fix already in place? Happy to report any further details you may require or post in any other community that you may feel relevant.

    1. Hi Markus,

      unfortunately I’m struggeling with an equal issue, with the exception that the App shuts down completely in this state. You may reproduce it with a stock Demo Environment with Platform Update 4 and the Warehouse Worker 24 in USMF. Outbound – System guided and then try to send out one of the existing Work.

      Best Regards

      1. Hey guys,

        We haven’t seen any issues with system directed work reported before. Please reach out to me at with details, or go through your support channel to get this reported.

  19. Dave Gregory says:

    Hi Markus,

    Looks good. Where can i obtain the list of the 40 warehouse processes that this solution supports. I assume it covers the basics of counting / movement / transfer journals? Also does this solution work for picking / shipping / receiving of Transfer orders.


  20. Wojtek says:

    Hi it’s good to see such great progress! Now I will sounds like grumbler, but can you put a third tab/overlap – Info (Task, Details) for additional issue like: simple on-hand inventory for SKU, LP’s INFO, Location Info, List of associated replenishment works for SKU from actual Task line with status (waiting, in progres etc.). This third Tab with all this special elements and Info will be “on hand” almost in each moment of work. We could change list of this elements on this new Tab. It will be very helpfull for users. Sometimes user must have info about something or he must freez a task for a moment and make, for example ad hoc: manual displacement or changing a status for goods.
    I appologise for my english, but I am not good in writing 🙂

    1. Hi Wojtek,

      Great suggestions! I will add this to our product backlog.

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