What’s new in CU9 for WMS and TMS

Today marks the release of yet another cumulative update for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3. This release includes 100+ fixes and several improvements for warehouse management and transportation management. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU9 is available for download on Lifecycle Services, PartnerSource and CustomerSource. For detailed information on the release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU9, please refer to the Dynamics AX In-Market Engineering blog. The build number for Cumulative Update 9 is 6.3.2000.326.

In this post we will take you through the some of what is new for WMS and TMS. The following information and related articles about what's new in CU9 for other areas is available on TechNet.

In short, within WMS and TMS the following enhancements are made available:

  • It's now possible to show a configurable list of available work items on a warehouse mobile device.
  • You can deduct unreserved inventory from existing replenishment work with demand replenishment.
  • There are performance improvements for min/max replenishment processing.
  • You can pack transfer orders into containers at the packing station.
  • The Consolidation and Empty location with no incoming work location direction action strategies are available when moving inventory.
  • You can use "Report as finished" on a mobile device in overproduction scenarios.
  • The FEFO batch reservation strategy now takes the "Best before date" and the "Expiration date" of batches into account.
  • It is now possible to reserve items across different batch numbers when releasing sales orders.
  • It's possible to consolidate sales orders for the same customer into the same shipment when using the auto release to warehouse process.
  • You can now have both transfer and sales orders in the same wave.
  • You can print multiple packing slips in the load planning workbench.
  • There are additional fields available in the Bill of Lading.
  • You can now turn off the freight reconciliation process if it is not used.
  • There are performance improvements for the load planning workbench.

The following table shows an excerpt from TechNet on a more detailed list of the enhancements for CU9 in WMS and TMS:

What's new


Improvements to replenishment

It's possible to set up demand replenishment so that it checks whether there's any demand replenishment work that's been created in the same location that is not yet finalized. If existing work is found with an appropriate quantity available, the existing work will be used instead of creating new replenishment work. For more information, see Set up replenishment.

If you would like wave demand replenishment to also consider unreserved quantities from existing min/max replenishment work, you should consider installing KB3069966. This will include an Allow wave demand to use unreserved quantities checkbox on the Replenishment template form. Furthermore you can install KB 3068847 in order for demand replenishment to consider additional replenishment template lines if the entire demand quantity is not assigned to a replenishment put location.

There's also been an improvement of the performance when using Min/max replenishment.

Lists on the mobile device menu

It is now possible to display a list of open work items on warehouse mobile devices. The list can be configured to filter on different fields and the user can select any work displayed on the list to be directed to its specific instructions. For more information, see Configure mobile devices for warehouse work and the blog post Displaying a list of open work for warehouse workers.

Enable transfer orders on the packing station

It is now possible to manually pack transfer orders from the packing station. This is particularly useful in retail environments where you want to pack cartons in order to refill retail stores from a distribution center.

Use additional strategies when moving inventory

Two new locations directive action strategies are now supported for the work order type Inventory movement: Consolidate and Empty location with no incoming work. For more information, see Create a location directive and the Dynamics AX SCM R&D Team blog.

Use additional production processes in a warehouse

You can now report as finished on a mobile device in overproduction scenarios. For more information, see Set up production processes in a warehouse.

Batch reservation strategy improvements

The following improvements have been made to batch reservation strategies:

  • The FEFO batch reservation strategy now takes the Best before date and the Expiration date of the batches into account.
  • It is now possible to reserve items across different batch numbers when releasing sales orders.

For more information, see Create a location directive.

Improvements to auto-release to warehouse process

When using the auto-release to warehouse process it is now possible to consolidate multiple sales orders for the same customer into a single shipment if the Consolidate shipment at release to warehouse parameter is set on the Warehouse form. For more information, see Sales orders and fulfillment rates in Warehouse management.

Waves can now contain different order types

It is now possible to process a wave that includes multiple shipments from both sales and transfer orders. This is useful when you are planning waves according to destinations of shipments.

Improvements to the Bill of Lading

The Bill of Lading now includes additional fields and it's possible to edit the Bill of Lading before printing it.

Printing multiple packing slips in the Load planning workbench

It is now possible to print multiple packing slips directly from the load planning workbench by selecting multiple loads.

Enabling freight reconciliation

There's a new Freight reconciliation option on the Transportation management parameters form. If freight reconciliation is not used you can de-select this option and no freight bill records will be created.


If you have any questions for the SCM team about these new features, don't hesitate to leave a comment below.

Comments (3)

  1. Keith732 says:

    Markus, The "Lists On A Mobile Device" feature in CU9 is a much needed improvement. Can you tell me if the list shows the order number and work ID number for the warehouse worker to see any work id's associated to that order number and know if the work is complete?

    We are going to be performing work breaks by zone and the useful part I see in this is for a worker to be able to look at the sales order and learn the status of any additional work for that order from the mobile device.  

    Also I know you only mentioned work but by any chance could the list help on inbound inventory to query against a couple of situations?

    One is where no Purchase Order number is known but an item with a bar code is dropped off at our receiving dock from a carrier. Today we are going to have to go to the rich client and query against the item to see what purchase orders it could possibly be on, then make a decision on what should happen with that item.

    The other related situation is where we know the Purchase Order number but the item does not have a bar code, identifiers on the product or packing slip may have a deviation to the item identifier in AX but it turns out to be the correct product. This situation can slow up receiving the Purchase Order. If the worker could query against the purchase order and at least see what items are on the purchase order it would help the situation.

  2. Hi Keith! Zach will share some guidance and opportunities with the work list feature in a blog post soon. Stay tuned!

  3. Miles says:

    We are implementing transportation management in one of our clients and encounter several issues when doing load planning.
    The procedures are as follows;
    1. Create sales order with 2 line items under Sales & Marketing>>Common>>Sales orders
    2. Assign load number under Transportation management>>Inquiries>>Load planning workbench>>click To new load
    3. Click Release to warehouse
    4. Click Related information>>Work details with 2 line items
    5. Complete work with 2 line items
    6. Click Ship and Receive>>Outbound shipment
    7. Generate packing slip
    Upon checking packing slip, the system create 2 packing slips. 1 packing slip contains 2 line items and the 2nd packing slip was automatically generated by the system with 1 line item but the quantity is negative. With this, the line item status is delivered but the other line item status is open order and reserved physical.
    My question is:
    Why does the system created 2 packing slips?
    Why does the system automatically generated packing slip with negative quantity?
    Pls help.
    Thank you very much in advance for your reply.

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