Which devices can you use for Warehouse Mobile Device Portal?

We have been asked a number of times for a list of the physical devices that can be used with the Warehouse Mobile Device Portal (WMDP). The answer is that we did not certify WMDP for any particular models of mobile devices, so I’m not able to provide a list of suggested or recommended devices. What I can do, is provide the attributes of the mobile device that we used when we tested WMDP, and list the known requirements.

The portable computer we used has the following specifications:

Operating System:

-         Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5


-         512 MB RAM


-         3.5 inch touch screen

-         480 x 640 pixels

-         65,536 colors (16 bit RGB)

WMDP requires that the device can access the Internet and has a web browser that can use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript, and is compatible with jQuery v1.X. For jQuery in particular, according to jQuery browser support page the requirement is IE6 or later. For more information about jQuery requirements, see http://jquery.com/browser-support/.

One of the concerns when selecting the device is the size of the screen, which determines the real estate on which the WMDP pages are rendered. Like most web pages, WMDP pages use CSS files to adjust their look, and out-of-the-box WMDP comes with a number of CSS files. In particular, after you deploy the WMDP component, you will find a file named defaultrf.css in your installation folder under <WMDP instance installation root >\Content\CSS\RFCSS. This CSS file was created to render pages on the mobile device that we used for testing, as I described earlier in this blog. For information about how to select different CSS files for your mobile device, see http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn553175.aspx.

The out-of-the-box CSS files don’t cover all screens on all mobile devices. It’s possible to have a mobile device with a screen of a particular size, resolution, or color depth for which the CSS files can’t deliver optimal page rendering results. No problem. If this happens, you can simply duplicate one of the existing CSS files and adjust the style properties to suit your needs. You just need to make sure that your CSS file is located side-by-side with the other CSS files, and is referenced in the “Work user mobile device display settings” form in AX. Also, remember that when you replace or update a CSS file on the server, you may need to explicitly refresh the page on your device (F5) to flush the browser cache.

You can use the CSS file to make the look of the mobile device’s user interface (UI) simply usable, but in hands of an artist, it can make the pages look customized and attractive. A while ago I tried my hand at some artistry, but unfortunately my work was not recognized as fine art.

I think I overdid the yellow just a little…

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  1. Eugene Shamshurin (MSFT) says:

    Great overview. Yes, the yellow is a little bit greenish on my screen : )

  2. Ben McDonald (RF-SMART) says:

    Reposting after logging in, feel free to delete previous post 🙂


    My company, RF-SMART, has built a telnet client for WMDP.  The intent is that we thought this would be useful for those with existing devices that don't have the minimum HTML / CSS requirements and don't want to spend thousands on updating warehouse handheld equipment.  If you are curious I can share more info.

    Nice overview of how to get custom CSS working.

  3. Guy Manias (Paragon Data Systems) says:

    We can provide your company with these types of devices. Help you select the proper configuration, and help with all other parts of bar coding and mobile data collection such as wireless back bones, bar code label printers, location labels, and much more.

    There are other things to consider when selecting the right units, but this is good guidance.

  4. Rick Hoss says:


    Do you know if WMDP labels will recognize any language other than en-US.

    I proved to myself that WMDP uses AX label files but I can't get the web site to change the language to something other than en-us.

    I actually need it for a customer in China.



    1. Manish Saxena says:

      Hi Rick,
      The RF functionality picks the user language attached with the warehouse worker only.
      For Menus, you can set description in Chinese language and for MenuItem, you can set Title in Chinese language.
      Set Chinese language on user attached with that specific warehouse worker.
      There is a small bug to show description of Menus in RF screen, when Menu is actually a sub menu, AX shows the menuName, instead of description, but its easy to fix.
      Hope this helps.

  5. Pawel Kruk says:

    Hi Rick,

    When your work user in to the WMDP, it is mapped to an employee in HRM module. That employee should be mapped to an AX user. For that AX user, you should be able to change the default language in AX. Please see notes within this topic:


    Please notice that this language will not be picked up until the user actually logs in to the WMDP. The

    log-on screen and the main page may appear in different language:

    – the logon page should be determined by the default language of the AX user mapped to your application pool identity used for running the WMDP.

    – the main page should be determined by the agent-browser request

    Additionally if you change language, you need to remember to log off or terminate the work user session in AX and then log on again.

  6. Vidhu Shekhar says:

    Hi Pawel, Thanks for posting this informative blog.

    Is there any change in the specs mentioned above for AX2012 R3CU10.

  7. Hi Vidhu, there has not been any changes with CU10 that would change the hardware requirements for the mobile device. However, if you would like to use the Work list menu item it would work best on a slightly larger screen, you can read more here: blogs.msdn.com/…/whs-work-list.aspx

    1. Hi

      We hope to find devices with Windows 10 to run AX WHM. We have some candidates (Honeywell Doplhin 75e and Panasonic Toughpads) promised to come with Windows 10 later this year. Heard that built in scanners do NOT work with Internet Explorer out of the box in WIN 8E.1? Is that correct? Do you know of any references running Windows E8.1 or similar? Windows 10?

      1. Mirza says:

        We do not have any experiences in selection of Win 10 devices or devices mentioned.

  8. Dardo says:

    Se puede utilizar en dispositivos RF con SO Android ? creo que son compatibles, pero es recomendable ?

  9. Patric Kam-Thong says:

    Hi, has anyone seen up to date information on this subject? We want to implement AX 2012 CU12 and are having a really hard time getting the hardware and OS requirements to purchase our warehouse mobile devices.



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