New Item Tracing functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX R2 CU6

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 CU6 we expanded the item tracing functionality to provide consolidated, and more actionable, visibility into the source and destination of items and raw materials in the supply chain.



For example, manufacturers can trace items, raw materials, or ingredients back to the vendor, and forward through the production and sale of the finished product.

Item tracing can help manufacturers comply with regulatory requirements, and helps quality officers and production managers analyze and take action to address variances in the quality of products and materials.

Here is a short list of the new capabilities:

  • Determine how much of the item or raw material has been shipped, and to which customers.
  • Identify any planned shipments that include the item or raw material.
  • Locate production orders that use the item or raw material.
  • Find out which vendor the item or raw material was purchased from.

There is a more documentation available on TechNet, so please continue reading from there :o).


Dynamics AX SCM team

Please note, that the basic item tracing functionality was always available inside all previous versions of Dynamics AX and is still available in Microsoft Dynamics AX R2 CU6. The new item tracing functionality is an addition to the existing system, to provide an easier overview of the source and destination of items, and facilitate business actions from one place.

Comments (9)

  1. Evert J Bos says:

    Very good news!.

    1.Does this somehow integrate with the Compliance functionality or does it require any previous set up in Compliance?

    2.If you do not use the license key for PRocess manufacturing, do you still have this new feature?


  2. Evert,

    Thanks for feedback :o)!

    There is no dependency on Product Compliance, but you need to have Process manufacturing license for Dynamics AX 2012 R2 CU6 version


  3. yh kim says:

    hi. mr Korovin

    my name is yun kim.

    I am from south korea.

    Give me your article is very useful.

    Vary vary thank you~!

  4. Carlos B. says:

    Hi Ievgenii,

    your blog is very interesting and quite useful, thank you for the effort!!

    I have a doubt about the traceability. How to trace the relation between raw materials and the finished goods when the production order is bigger than 1?.

    for instance, I have a production order, item=Motorbike, qty=2.  Motorbike has serial number control and we want to trace the item=Engine that  it also has the serial number control

    We consumed the engine ENG00334 in the Motorbike M000221 and the engine ENG023743 in the Motorbike M003474. Is it possible to have this link in a Production  Order with qty=2 or the only way is to have 2 PO´s?

    this functionality in CU6 can help us in any way in this case?

    Thank you in advance!!

    Carlos B.

  5. Juergen W. says:

    Hello Carlos,

    We do have the same problem and can not find a solution.

    Whenever the order qty.of a production order  is larger than 1 unit, all Serial numbers of the engines will be written in the trace of the highest Serial number of motorbikes. In your case Serial number

    ENG023743 and ENG00334 will be written in the trace of the motorbike with Serial number

    M003474. So at the end you can not tell which enginee was used for which motorcycle.

    How could this issue be solved?

    Thank you!

    Juergen W.

  6. Hi Carlos, Yurgen,

    You are right, in your scenario the new Item Tracing form will not be able to identify which engine is used in which motorcycle. The wrkaround would be to use separate production orders.

    Best regards,


  7. Carlos B. says:

    Hi Juergen, Vanya

    thank you for your reply, as Vanya said the only way, I see, is to create production orders with qty=1.  I set up the parameter multiple=1 (inventory qty) in the default order settings. In this way AX generates the orders with this qty by default.

    Best Regards,

    Carlos Benito

  8. Evert says:

    Клиент обожает Item trace. Большое спасибо!

  9. Shweta says:

    Need help..

    We have a requirement where we want to show tracing of BOM details associated with the Purchase order and would want to add few customized fields in the BOM lines trace.

    I am not much aware about the technical details of tracing functionality.

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