What’s New for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 for WMS

This blog post describes some of the enhancements to the Warehouse management (WMS) functionality that have been implemented in the R2 release after the launch of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (RTM).

Shipment list report printed in a batch job at shipment update

By using outbound rules for a shipment and by setting up automatic printing of the shipment list you can have the shipment list report sent to a batch job.


Make sure you assign a printer setting that uses a paper printer for the batch job printing.

You can define the printer setup from Inventory and warehouse management > Shipments > Printer setup > Shipment list:


New uses of the location type Picking location

The location type Picking location can now be used as part of the item arrival process and for pallet movements.

· Item arrival: Locations of the type Picking location are now available in the registration process and you can apply a picking location on a journal line in an item arrival journal even if the inventory item’s warehouse item setting does not use a picking location.

· Pallet movements: When you use the Move pallet functionality, you can now select a location type of Picking location even though the location is not an item picking location.

Relocation pallet transport

In AX 2012 R2 you can create a relocation pallet transport and then assign the actual pallet transport processing to a warehouse worker.

You can access the new functionality from the Move pallet menu item via Inventory and warehouse management > Setup > Inventory equipment > Pallets > Functions:


You can then process the pallet transport from Inventory and warehouse management > Common > Pallet transports:


Detailed blog post on the relocation transport

A detailed blog post about the implementation of the relocation pallet transport will follow.

Shipment template enhancements for joint shipping

An option called Grouping inventory reference has been added to the Joint shipping field in the Shipment templates form.

You can access the Shipment templates form from Inventory and warehouse management > Setup > Distribution > Shipment templates

When the Grouping inventory reference option is selected, output orders for withdrawal of kanbans are grouped based on the ID of the parent manufacturing kanban. If you use this option with output orders that do not reference kanbans, the grouping reference is the same as the reference for the output order.


Comments (5)

  1. Melissa says:

    Hi thanks for this great document, I just have a question how you select or delete the otuput orders that the template is suggesting to add to the shimpent? cause right now form the suggesting ones I cant select just the ones that I want to send with that shimpment. Im using the shipment template.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. You can mark the lines you do not want to include in the shipment and use [Alt+F9] to delete.

  3. Katie says:

    Does this functionality generate a report for the warehouse forklift driver telling him what to move from where to where?

  4. Hi Katie,

    I’m not sure what to answer to this question, but assume you are referring to the added pallet transport type for “Relocation pallet transport” capability.

    Yes – when using this transport type we use the already existing pallet transport logic. Assigning pallet transport tasks to warehouse workers can be done in the ‘Pallet transport handling’ form and due to the fact that report printing based on grid data is a generic AX capability this can be done as well.

  5. Robert Salmon says:

    Is there an exhaustive list of all Supply Chain/Trade & Logistics changes for R2?  I've not been successful in nailing down a specific list of the new or enhanced functionality as it pertains to a Trade & Logistics functional consultant.


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