Use of One Pallet for Shipping and for Receipt

By using the Item arrival journal in the Inventory and warehouse management module in AX2012 you can ship and receive a transfer order using the same pallet.


In addition to the normal criteria that are used to validate pallet moves, the use of one pallet requires that the pallet is empty. If the pallet is used for receipt, it is automatically moved to the receipt location when the journal is posted.

The validation of the pallet move is implemented in the class WMSPalletMoveValidator.

By Lennart Conrad, Per Lykke Lynnerup and Bibi Christensen

Comments (4)

  1. per munkhammar says:


    Nice to her. We have a customer that has a big need for this feature (in 2009).

    Is it possible to build in the same logic in 2009 or is it completley redesign in 2012.

    Per Munkhammar

    Logica Sweden

  2. Frans Hoogenraad says:

    I try to receive a full pallet on a transfer order, but the pallet ID is not filled on the receipt inventory transaction in the destination warehouse. Therefor, the item arrival journal line is created without pallet ID. I can not enter the pallet ID in the item arrival journal line, because "Pallet 00000582_114 is already in use. Resolve the conflict before moving the pallet."

  3. James Christensen says:

    Hi Frans,

    Was your problem resolved? – I'm facing the same issue.

  4. Maks says:

    Frans, James,

    Try shipping the shipment. The pallet is still in use, because shipment lines are still Picked.

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