Deploy Power BI Embedded Service for Dynamics 365 for Operations

The following article guides you through deploying a Power BI Embedded Service using the Microsoft Azure portal for use with a Dynamics 365 for Operations 1Box environment.  This is the first step in the process required to access Analytical Workspaces and Reports in a Dynamics 365 for Operations 1Box environment.

Major "Thanks" to Helmut Wimmer for co-authoring this content

What happened to the legacy Power BI Embedded product in Azure?

The Azure gallery item for Power BI Embedded has been renamed to Power BI Workspace Collections. The resource itself was called Power BI Workspace Collection and remained as is. "Workspace Collections" will denote the previous service in documentation and UI.  Power BI Workspace Collections is on a deprecation path.  Those who are already using "Workspace Collections" solution can continue to use it till end of June 2018.  New Power BI embedded solution has many new features, and Dynamics 365 for Operations will be shifting to the new service soon.

Service Availability

The Power BI Workspace Collection service is available in the following regions:  Australia Southeast, Brazil South, Canada Central, East US 2, Japan East, North Central US, North Europe, South Central US, Southeast Asia, UK South, West Europe, West India, West US  

Deploy the Power BI Workspace Collection in your Azure Subscription

  • Access the Microsoft Azure Portal:
  • Select the New button in the left navigation to create a new Azure Resource
  • Enter Template deployment in the search box to begin
  • Click on the Create button
  • In the Custom deployment, click on Build your own template in the editor

  • Paste the following in the template editor, then replace the ***VALUES*** with your choices:


    • Select the target ***Region*** from the Service Availability list above
    • Take note of the Workspace Collection resource ***Name*** value for later
    • Make sure there are no extra line breaks when you paste into the Azure portal editor

"$schema": "",
"contentVersion": "",
"parameters": {},
"resources": [
"type": "Microsoft.PowerBI/workspaceCollections",
"sku": {
"name": "S1",
"tier": "Standard"
"apiVersion": "2016-01-29",
"location": "***SELECT YOU REGION***"

Here's a screen shot of the edit with the template supplied:

  • Click on the Save button
  • After saving the template, choose a Resource group or create a new one, choose the Azure location of your Power BI Embedded Workspace
  • Click on the link to Purchase button
  • Once the service is created, access the new Power BI Workspace Collection from the Azure Dashboard
  • In the left navigation, under the General section click on the Access keys link
    • Important:  Take note of the values captured in the KEY 1 and KEY 2 text boxes

Now, you are ready to deploy the SQL Database Server onto your subscription using the Azure Portal.

Comments (17)
  1. I’m off to a slow start. When I click Create in the Azure Portal as described above, there is no link to “Create Workspace collection”. I am presented with a Getting Started with Power BI Embedded screen that only has links to learn more.

  2. Paul NEC says:

    Hi TJ,

    Mark is correct , there is no option available ” create workspace collection” link in the new->power bi embedded ->create.
    Could you please provide us the screen shots of step no 4,5,6,7,8.

  3. Our team gets the same problem..
    @Vassars team: Can you paste the link that we would open when we click “create workspace collection”
    Thanks in advance.
    The Martha

  4. David Keding says:

    Same thing here – “create a workspace collection” is missing

  5. Hello TJ,

    Same issue here as well.

  6. Wim Verhenne says:

    Any updates on this, “power bi embedded” in this context is deprecated.

      1. Wim Verhenne says:

        Thanks, very useful tutorial.
        My workspace is created.

  7. Ali Adamu says:

    If “create a workspace collection” is missing you can also use the Template deployment:
    1. Click on + in the Azure Portal, search for “Template deployment”.
    2. Create a new one and click on “Build your own template in the editor”.
    3. Paste the following script (make sure you cange the workspace name and the location as needed)
    “$schema”: “”,
    “contentVersion”: “”,
    “parameters”: {},
    “resources”: [
    “type”: “Microsoft.PowerBI/workspaceCollections”,
    “sku”: {
    “name”: “S1”,
    “tier”: “Standard”
    “apiVersion”: “2016-01-29”,
    “location”: “West Europe”

    4. Save the template
    5. Choose the resource group and click “Purchase” button.

    After that you should see the deployment starting.

  8. TJ Vassar says:

    As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, the Power BI service has gone through a major overhaul which affected the tooling available on Azure Portal. My sincere apologies for any frustrations caused by the rapid pace of innovation we’re seeing in this space. We will do a better job staying on top of pending service changes going forward. Please, use these updated instructions to connect 1Box deployments to a Power BI service hosted on your Azure subscription.

  9. As you have mentioned in the start of this page that Power BI Workpsace Collection is on deprecation path and now we have to use Power BI embedded service instead of Power BI Workspace Collection.My question is is there any specific documentation that i can follow to use the Power BI embedded service instead of Power BI Workspace Collection? and when will the above document be updated to guide us on how to use Power BI embedded service. I have followed the above steps and use the Power BI Workspace Collection that is now working fine but now I have created the Power BI embedded service in azure portal and created the web api as well to register that Power BI embedded service but that is not working fine.

    1. Evens Ronald says:

      Hi muhammad, did you find how to use PowerBI Embedded on D365 without the deprecated Workspace collection.
      I search everywhere, cannot found any informations about that.

      1. No, I am still waiting on Microsoft to provide the Documentation on how to use Power BI Embedded Service on One Box environment instead of Power BI Workspace Collection. As a workaround, we are using the Multibox environment to test the Power BI Embedded Reports as Multibox environment have all the things pre-configured for the Power BI Embedded Reports.

        1. Evens Ronald says:

          Thanks a lot, didn’t know about multibox environments.

  10. Evens Ronald says:

    Hi TJ,

    Since the Workspace Collection is deprecated, do you have a guide on how to do the same with the powerbi embedded?

    Thanks in advance,

  11. PhillipD94 says:


    Has anyone found a workaround to this now that workspace collection is depreciated.

    I am just trying to test this and currently when I go to set up Embedded Power BI on my Azure Subscription the estimated monthly cost is over 600€ per month. Is there another way I could do this or anyway of bringing down this cost?

  12. artemt_ says:

    It is no longer possible to deploy Workspace Collection even via Templates.
    Is there other way to enable PowerBI Embedded for 1Box machines?

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