Deploy Power BI Embedded Service for Dynamics 365 for Operations

The following article guides you through deploying a Power BI Embedded Service using the Microsoft Azure portal for use with a Dynamics 365 for Operations 1Box environment.  This is the first step in the process required to access Analytical Workspaces and Reports in a Dynamics 365 for Operations 1Box environment.

Deploy the Power BI Embedded Service in your Azure Subscription

1. Access the Microsoft Azure Portal:
2. Select the New button in the left navigation to create a new Azure Resource
3. Enter Power BI Embedded in the search box to begin

4. Click on the Create button to add the service
5. Click on the link to Create a workspace collection
6. Provide the Workspace Collection Name
Important:   Take note of the Workspace Collection Name provided here

7. Check the "Add to dashboard" checkbox
8. Click the Create button to proceed
9. Once the service is created, access the new Power BI Workspace Collection from the Azure Dashboard
10. In the left navigation, under the General section click on the Access keys link
Important:  Take note of the values captured in the KEY 1 and KEY 2 text boxes

Now, you are ready to deploy the SQL Database Server onto your subscription using the Azure Portal.

Comments (8)

  1. I’m off to a slow start. When I click Create in the Azure Portal as described above, there is no link to “Create Workspace collection”. I am presented with a Getting Started with Power BI Embedded screen that only has links to learn more.

  2. Paul NEC says:

    Hi TJ,

    Mark is correct , there is no option available ” create workspace collection” link in the new->power bi embedded ->create.
    Could you please provide us the screen shots of step no 4,5,6,7,8.

  3. Our team gets the same problem..
    @Vassars team: Can you paste the link that we would open when we click “create workspace collection”
    Thanks in advance.
    The Martha

  4. David Keding says:

    Same thing here – “create a workspace collection” is missing

  5. Hello TJ,

    Same issue here as well.

  6. Wim Verhenne says:

    Any updates on this, “power bi embedded” in this context is deprecated.

      1. Wim Verhenne says:

        Thanks, very useful tutorial.
        My workspace is created.

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