Accessing Analytical Workspaces and Reports on 1Box environment

INTRODUCTION This article describes the process for enabling Analytical Workspaces & Reports in Dynamics 365 for Operations 7.2 Release on a 1Box environment.  This information is intended for partners, VARs, and ISVs that wish to showcase Analytical Applications using a 1Box environment.  As described in the Power BI Embedded Integration article, the hosted service used…


Deploy Power BI Embedded Service for Dynamics 365 for Operations

The following article guides you through deploying a Power BI Embedded Service using the Microsoft Azure portal for use with a Dynamics 365 for Operations 1Box environment.  This is the first step in the process required to access Analytical Workspaces and Reports in a Dynamics 365 for Operations 1Box environment. Major “Thanks” to Helmut Wimmer…


Deploy Azure SQL Server for hosting Entity Store Database

This step involves deploying an Azure SQL Server Database that can be used to host the Entity Store Database.  This is will be the data source for the Power BI Embedded Service created in the previous step.  Entity Store Database utilizes non-clustered column index store (NCCI) which is only supported on the Premium tier of…


Publish the Entity Store database on Azure SQL Server

This step involves deploying an Entity Store database onto your Azure SQL Server created in the previous step. Before you proceed, be sure to process the Aggregate Measurements using the Dynamics 365 Administrative Tools to populate the database.  Use the following steps to seed the Entity Store database with sample data for the Application Suite’s…


Configuring 1Box to enable Analytical Workspaces and Reports

At this point, you should have access to an Entity Store database hosted on the Azure SQL Server available using the process outlined in the previous step.  Use the instructions below to enable Analytical Workspaces & Reports in a 1Box environment using the Power BI Embedded service hosted on your Azure subscription. To continue make…


Introducing the Power BI solution template for Credit and Collections

Today we are excited to announce the Power BI solution template for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations for Credit and Collections analytics. Purpose of this blog post is to explain who should use this solution template any why should they use it. Before we start, see this video for a quick tour. You probably know…

Introducing: Analytical Workspaces in Dynamics 365 for Operations

***ANNOUNCING*** the General Availability of Analytical Workspaces & Reports in Dynamics 365 for Operations. Built-in Analytical Applications are now available standard as part of the Spring ’17 Release. The following article offers insights into the Power BI service integration with direct links to walk-thru guides and Best Practices published by the Dynamics 365 product group….