Best Practices: Introduction


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Sharing insights with our development community.  This series is dedicated to the proliferation of development Best Practices and design recommendations for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Reporting Solutions based on insights from the experts.  As a reference, MSDN offers a few resources on the topic available here.  However, the flexibility offered by this forum will allow us to drill deeper into specific scenarios which are common to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 report developers.


Before getting started….


DESIGN – the document layout template

  • Auto Design – modeled solution with basic layout requirements
  • Precision Design – free form design surface for advanced layouts

CONTROLS – session inputs (aka Parameters)

  • Query Ranges – data set filters defined on the AX Query
  • Data Contract – filters for data sets derived from X++ business logic
  • UI Builder – custom report dialogs

DATA ACCESS – source of the report data set

  • AX Query – modeled data access solution
  • X++ BIZ Logic – AX classes that produce a rectangular data set for reporting






By all means, we welcome your feedback and hope that you will benefit from the content of these articles.  Stay posted, there’s more to come…

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