Where did the old AX BI Screencasts go?


Recently followers of our AX BI screencasts may have noticed that some of the ones posted on Vimeo are no longer available. Unfortunately our blog publishing got a bit out-of-sync and we didn’t get a chance to warn you ahead of this event.

Here’s what happened and why

We had screencasts in two locations: about 14 on Vimeo and about 50 in YouTube.

We removed the screencasts on Vimeo for three reasons: (1) they were obsolete and (2) they were hosted on a personal Vimeo account (3) and we wanted a single place to find the screencasts. Our new AX BI YouYube channel contains the more up-to-date screencasts and the YouTube channel is our “official” place for putting the videos for the team.

Wait, I need to see one of the old screencasts!

We believe our AX BI YouTube channel has a superset of the old material on Vimeo. so please check there first. It’s very likely the topic has been covered there. If there' is something that is missing that you desperately please let us know specifically what you’d like to see covered. We’ll either upload the old screencast to the AX BI YouTube channel or create a new screencast to cover that content.

You can contact us at: DAXBIFeedback@microsoft.com

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