What’s New: Reporting for Developers in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

As we start to move our public-facing discussion to focus more on Dynamics AX 2012 instead of Dynamics AX 2009, those who have an interest in Reporting MUST read the following MSDN Article “What’s New: Reporting for Developers in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012“.   http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg724100.aspx  


White Paper on the AX 2012 Report Programming Model is Now Available

  The “Report Programming Model” is a concept introduced in AX2012. In summary, it’s a critical part of understanding how to fully incorporate SSRS with AX. If you are a developer and are going to adopt AX 2012 you MUST read this read this white paper. It it available on the Microsoft Download Center: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=27725

Where did the old AX BI Screencasts go?

  Recently followers of our AX BI screencasts may have noticed that some of the ones posted on Vimeo are no longer available. Unfortunately our blog publishing got a bit out-of-sync and we didn’t get a chance to warn you ahead of this event. Here’s what happened and why We had screencasts in two locations:…

Interview with the TJ Vassar

Last Friday, we took advantage of the sunny day in Redmond to record a brief interview with TJ Vassar. TJ owns the SSRS Reporting features in Dynamics AX 2012. In this short interview (3 min 30 sec) you’ll get a chance to learn more about him and what he thinks is interesting with the latest…

More SSRS Screencasts + the Finish Line appears

  Now that we are toward the last stages of the engineering work, we’ve had some time to get back into making screencasts. This week we’ll be spending some time going into SSRS charting. We posted 6 screencasts on Monday, and more are on the way. If you are interesting in getting good looking charts,…

Screenshots of Dynamics AX 2009 Role Centers

  Even internally the team gets a lot of requests for "good" screenshots of the Role Centers. "Good" in this case means that there’s enough data available to show something reasonable in the lists and charts. The team is publishing this screenshots via this blog in the hopes that you’ll find it useful as well….

Dynamics AX 2009: Collecting Statistics on your MorphX Report Usage

  We’ve previously explained that we collected data on MorphX report usage in AX 2009. We’ve received a few questions about how this information can be collected in our customers own environments. The answer is simple: We asked customers to run the Element usage log report.   You can access the report from the Output…


Screencast Previews of Dynamics AX 2012

If you are interested in Dynamics AX 2012 and Reporting, these three screencasts should be very interesting to you.   Development   Deployment   Report Programming Model

Understanding How Many SSRS Reports come with Dynamics AX 2012

This is a common and simple question we get often, so let’s take the opportunity to answer it clearly now. First, a warning : keep in mind that all the numbers below are approximate – but overall the are accurate enough to have a meaningful discussion. Let’s start with a quick recap of the portfolio…


Thoughts on the AX Technical Conference and A Preview of SSRS Report Development in Dynamics AX 2012

My team had a great time preparing for and presenting at the AX Technical Conference 2011. Direct interaction with our Partners and Customers is something we truly enjoy. A couple of things stood out for us based on observation and direct feedback: Great positive energy from the attendees. Our direction resonated with a lot of…