Screencast update

Missing Audio fixed Screencasts 36, 37, and 38 were uploaded without Audio. They have been re-narrated and uploaded back to our youtube channel. Because the original audio was lost we had to add the audio on top of the existing video. so you the flow of the screencast may seen a bit odd because it’s…


We have 30 AX SSRS Screencasts Available Now

  We’ve been busy recording screencasts again! Now we have 30 ready for you to watch. The full list is here: Keep your suggestions and questions coming.


15 New SSRS Screencasts available

  We’ve added 15 Screencasts in just a few days – bringing the total to 16 available since we started the blog this week. The full list of screencasts is available here or you can browse our youtube channel directly. If you have suggestions on very specific development topics that you’d like to see addressed…


AX SSRS Reporting ScreenCast List

To help you find the right screencast, below is a list of all of them that have been produced so far and some that are scheduled to be created. This list will be updated as additional screencasts become available. [Updated on 2010/12/08 with Screencasts 26 – 30] [Updated on 2010/12/08 with Screencasts 21 – 25]…


Starting the Dynamics AX Business Intelligence Blog

  Welcome to our first post! We are the Dynamics AX BI Engineering Team – we design and implement the BI features and have started this blog to make it easier for AX Developers to get productive with AX BI Features – specifically the use of SSRS Reporting and SSAS “Cubes”. For our first post,…