AX 2012 – Principales hotfixes recomendados para la Balanza de comprobación (Trial Balance) en AX 2012

A continuación encuentre una lista de los principales hotfixes liberados para el reporte Balanza de Comprobación (Trial Balance).
En caso de requerir información específica de alguno de ellos, no dude en comunicarse con el equipo de soporte.

AX 2012


  Update (si aplica)


KB 2846993


Detailed trial balance report performance needs improvement and accumulated totals are not including opening balances

KB 2829520


The Summary Trial balance is unbalanced when you reset the fiscal year close process

KB 2826124


AX client crashes when you export to Excel from trial balance information

KB 2816786


Accumulated amount calculation does not work correctly in the Trial balance report

KB 2810622


Summary Trial balance is unbalanced when allocation exist

KB 2796457

 Not a hotfix. Suggestion
  is: Customer is able to get correct amounts in the reports by running
  ‘Rebuild balances’ on a regular basis.

Need to Rebuild Balances sometimes despite marked 'Update Balances during the Posting Process'

KB 2793739

 This one has been revert
  back and KB 2754985 has been realeased.

Trial Balance Detail vs. Trial Balance in Summary is not balancing

KB 2754985


"Trial balance" report displays incorrect data if you run the report by using the Details detail

KB 2750589


The "Trial balance" report displays duplicate transactions when you run the report again

KB 2748640


The "Trial balance" form does not display revenue budget register entries for the revenue

KB 2743689


Checking the "real time update" option for dimension balances does not clear the GeneralJournalControllerLedDimDimSet cache

KB 2742864


Financial dimension set rebuild - Is creating records in DimensionFocusLedgerDimensionReference and Dimensionfocusbalance that have no referenced transactions - causing duplicate key errors on rebuild

KB 2737640


The "Trial balance" report displays incorrect values for the "Profit and loss" account after you run the fiscal year end close

KB 2728488


Performance problems occur because of an unnecessary pessimistic lock in the DimensionValidation class

KB 2717490


Financial dimension set balance rebuild

KB 2708448


Deadlocks occur when you post multiple sales orders if the "Update balances during the posting process" option is enabled

KB 2710047


Cannot run the "Rebuild balances" and "Update balances" functions on a financial dimension set again after some problem occurs during the process

KB 2707441


Trial balance summary report incorrectly displays an account with zero balance/

KB 2703631


SSRS Trial Balance - Details report printing blank pages

KB 2703633


SSRS Trial Balance - Summary report printing blank pages

KB 2701630


The trial balance summary report and the "Ledger transaction list" report display incorrect amounts

KB 2682730


The "Trial balance" report displays incorrect beginning balance amounts after you close the fiscal year

KB 2693295


Consolidation entries are not removed from the Trial Balance List page for financial dimension sets that have the Update balances during the posting process option enabled.

KB 2682730


Trial Balance beginning balance amounts incorrect after Fiscal Close

KB 2680278


Trial balance do not show main account for transfer of year -end result balances if the "Include opening" check box is cleared

KB 2672902


The Trial Balance report displays no amount when you print the report for the Only Tax posing layer in the Summary level

KB 2655862


Issue with Debit and Credit amount in trial balance report

KB 2641619


Trial balance report is giving wrong amounts


AX 2012 R2


  Update (si aplica)


KB 2820691


Dimension set balance updates do not handle debits and credits in a single update

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Comments (3)

  1. JBA says:


    I can't find the KB 2796457 on the Partner Source.

    Could you help me?

    Thank you very much.


  2. Hi Julien,

    Sorry about that. There is no a hotfix for KB 2796457, this is only a procedure KB.

    In summary, recomendation for KB 2796457 is:

    Customer is able to get correct amounts in the reports by running ‘Rebuild balances’ on a regular basis, and customer is able to use this as a solution.

    If need further assistance about it, please contact the support team.



  3. JTorres.Esquivel says:


    tendras informacion sobre los cambios en la facturacion electronica?

    necesito configurar CFD en AX 2012 y me marca un error de certificados


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